Brian's Poetry
i am holy i am divine
Apr 4, 2016 - 4:44:19 PM

i am holy
i am divine
i am wealthy
simply sublime
i am more
than i think
i think
i am
i am
i think
i am a veritable
horn of plenty
from which all bounty
following its wink
i am the garden
where life grows
in its wisdom
i lie down
all street lights
as i go
across town
fireflies dancing
all around
torches ignite
from my fire
my sound
paths are traversed
within my light
i am the master
of my destiny
my will
is the only one
that can be seen
no difference
in the dream
i am the dreamer
from all corners
and in between
i fear nothing
i am everything
has not fear
when everything
is clear
obscene and profane
have no place
in the fast lane
that is what shoulders
are for
carrying weights
from before
so that now
i am
the master
and its plan
everything and nothing
opening my hand
extending my fingers
placing rings of freedom
truth and beauty
for goodness sake
i am married to all
and in them is holy matrimony
the power is invested in you
in us
which implies two
though we both know
is not true

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