Brian's Poetry
By Brian
Aug 3, 2017 - 11:07:36 AM

do we stay trapped
in the past
become god intoxicated
like the mast
which is a must
really i trust
no one
but god
man kind
is blind
to seasons
and reasons
to plant trees
or sail
the seven seas
for i am
a wood gatherer
for the the divine fire
inside of her
growing higher
shooting flames
from the other side
we came
a gold fool
for the drool
of the bar stool
i sat
kept it warm
for the swarm
rising up
on the surface
from the earth
beneath us
in caves
where children played
a new day
has dawned
arrows shooting
from children of the sun
burning it down
in the barn
of harm
we are
of the royal flame
staving off
to steal you away
from our father's way
eternal life
at stake
like hafiz
i can lean
my flame
into your heart
smoking out mosquitoes
bleeding you dry
opening wide
swallowing pride
where you hide
for ransom
to the highest bidder
i see what bit ya
in the ass
will pass
exceedingly fast
so a choice has to be made
who's first
who's left
whose thirst
remains in vain
to be saved
when the trumpet sounds
and god's chariots
in the clouds
turns out
to be
space ships
a gown
lies flawless
in your mind
time to decide
where you reside
and whose side
you are on
dark or light

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