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communion with the holy spirit, poem 14 by brian
By brian
Jun 6, 2015 - 3:13:23 PM

communion with
the holy spirit
is necessary
we press next to ya
into belief
we offer these
re telling
of myths from long
before there were
even hoes
no ground to cover
we were all places
no races
no number
no chain
of command
we had a plan
that was one
our glory and freedom
existed inside
a school bus
one driver
who gets things done
like a plan cake
we knew
how to move
as one
in the same
malleable movement
ignite the fire
on the fault lines
let loose this release
of an expression
for the suppression
of me
your divine feminine
your queen of the dream
ever grip a guernsey udder
feel the cream come forth
from hence and whence
shoot a fence
we connect the grids
of electrical impulses
our time spent to
lathers an event
of proper scope
and derivative
focus in context
fill the concept
with one idea
network of veins
with bumps
along the way
fuses follow
to say
let us do it
all the way

p.s. derivative as it relates to calculus

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