Brian's Poetry
Sacred and Profane
By Brian
Jan 16, 2018 - 2:46:14 PM

i say hi
you say low
i say profane
you say sacred
i say inane
you say profound
i say nay
you say yay
i say fuck you
you say christ bless you
i say go to your grave
you say rise to heaven
i say blow it out your ass
you say i love you more than seven
i say eat shit
you say i bought you 3 dozen roses
yellow and white
i say you will fall
you say shine like starlight
i say you smell like death
you say here are some diamonds
for your eyes
i say bleed
you say have mine instead
i say you are the epitome of wrong
you say how i am so right
i say drown
you say here's my coat
to keep you dry
do you see
where this is going
i am blind
lend me your sight
i am weak
you are tight
i've no rhythm
you sing with delight
i say everything
you remain silent
i move in angles
admiring your curves
the hell hounds
i hear
you blow the whistle
confounding their gears
thank you
no problem

thank you
my pleasure
thank you
you're a treasure
thank you
bless you
my son

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