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I AM THE ONE WITH NO END, Poem 4 by Brian
By Brian
Apr 24, 2015 - 3:32:40 AM


By Brian

i am the one with no end
and at the same time
no beginning
to end
or begin
i am baking in the oven
and being eaten at the table
ask my sister
her name
is in
a fable
i am being born
and dying
at the same time
i am the flip side
of a dime
both sides
as one
summer and fall
winter and spring
i am everything
i am the bird
and its wing
the feathers
the ant below
being a bird
up above
being a dove
the feeling
of love
as it hits
the supernova
and protostar
i am near
i am far
no doubt
solar swings
brighten things
upon my wings
it doesnt sting
not a ding
nor a dong
rings my bell
i am all things
all things i am
but everything
creation at its finest
while dreaming
in a deep sleep
i am awake
i give
i take
i love laugh and learn
like liquid
through stains
in glass
from my past
i exist
so that you may die
you die
so that i may exist
i insist
that this
is bliss
as one
and many
a copper
makes me happy
reminds me of your hair
your skin
the color within
its a sin
to be without
to ever have a doubt
swim swam swum
the tides
swooning the sun
all at once
once at all
you are
the most exquisite
and child
playing together
pull her string
dream her awake
for goodness sake
in the layers between
is my scene
where i am
where im not
a pen
making a dot
of ink
on paper
writing connected
patterns of symbols
to nimble
to humble
to honest and true
do you believe
can you conceive
of victory
over matter
making it matter
going from spot to spot
constellations of the heart
leading the way
i follow
i play
with myself
and others
who have left trails
buckets and pails
sinks and sails
hills and dales
turtles and snails
bamboo and pandas
glad to meet ya
i beseech ya
let your life
by its own

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