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By Dr. WALTER RUSSELL, transcribed by Christ.
Jul 3, 2012 - 8:02:00 AM

I still deal with people who think there is a God that was Created by "something"  and can't discerrn hierarchy form the Creation.  This should help you ones do that, whether new agers, lost star seeds, and those hopelessly mind controlled by relgion. Esu actually taught God was the RULER of the 3 humans races in the aea where he walked back then, and that the Creation was above God.

The is chapter one to this important book.  If you ponder nothing else, ponder these lines in which "God" is used in the contex of the Creation, since most people, in English Christianity anyway,  use God as creator, but also God as that nasty ugly boss.  Man does not discern nature vs Hierarchy.



In the beginning, God.

There is but one God.

There is but one universe.

God is the universe.

God is not one and the universe another. The universe is not a separate creation of God's. It is God.

There is no created-universe.

Nothing is which has not always been.

All created things are from the beginning. They have no beginning. They do not come into being. They are and always have been and always will be.


Creation means to man the coming into existence of something which was not before in existence. Man's concept of creation is the coming into being of a physical, visible universe heretofore non- existent.


The Creator is to man's mind a Sublime Being, separate and apart from man, who created the physical universe of matter, causing to come into being that which had not been.


Man holds the concept of two universes; a spiritual and a physical. God is presumed to be of the spiritual universe, perfect. Matter is of the physical universe, imperfect. God supposedly created the imperfect physical universe separate and apart from Himself.


Man conceives a perfect and omnipotent God. A perfect and omnipotent God could not create imperfection.


He could not create a lesser than Himself.

He could not create a greater than Himself.

God could not create other than Himself.

God did not create other than Himself, nor greater, nor lesser than Himself.

In the sense generally understood by man God did not create anything. Nothing has been "created."


This is a "creating" universe, not a "created" one.


Man's concept of the sublime Being as the Creator of a material universe different in substance from the spiritual universe is a misconcept.

God is all there is.

Beyond God there is nothing.

Superior to God there is nothing.


Inferior to God there is nothing.

Opposed to God there is nothing.

Creation is not more, nor is it less than it has always been from the beginning.

It cannot be more than God nor can it be less than God.

"Creation" is an apparent integration in continuity of that which already exists in substance. It is a periodic change of state of the One unchanging substance. It is evolution.


De-creation is an apparent disintegration in continuity of apparently integrated things returned to that substance. It is dissolution.


God is in reality, and exists in substance. God is thinking Mind. The substance, or body, of God is light.


The One universal substance,' which is God, is a tangible substance, a thinking substance, comprehensible and describable and possessed of principles which are familiar to man through man's observation of the One universal substance in "created" things.


The substance of all "created" things is light.

The One substance of thinking Mind is all that exists.

The "created"universe is the registration in matter of the idea of thinking Mind.

Mind is expressed in light.

Light is the storehouse of the energy of thinking Mind.

The energy of the universe is the energy of thinking Mind.

The universe is a universe of energy.

Energy is expressed in light.

Mind is the universe.

Mind substance is "spiritual" substance.

Spirit is light.

Spirit is the ultimate, the eternal, though finite substance.

Spirit is not infinite. Nothing in this universe of motion is infinite.

Man's concept of an infinite God, possessing infinite knowledge and infinite power, Creator of an infinite universe of infinite extension, is not in accord with the laws of motion.

This is a boundless, eternal, dimensionless universe of definite limitations both as to all cause and to all effects of cause. Dimension is an illusion of relation of effects, which are in themselves but illusions.


All cause is comprehensible to, and all effects are measurable by man. A limited, measurable uni- verse cannot be infinite; and a Divinity limited as to His range of cause, which, ipso facto, limits the possible range of effect, cannot be infinite.
Light is the living substance of Mind in action. It is the creating principle of the One substance. The One substance is the etheric "spiritual" substance of the One universal Mind. The entire "created" universe of all that is, ever has been, or ever will be, is but the One substance in
motion, light.
God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (John i-5.)
Matter is light.

God and matter are One.

Spirit and matter are the same substance.

That substance is light.

There are not two substances in the universe.

There cannot be two substances in the universe.

The substance of the universal Mind is a living substance.

That which man calls life is an inherent property of the entirety of Mind. Light is life.

There is but One Life in the universe.

The whole of the universe is but One living, breathing, pulsing Being.

There are not two lives or two living beings in the universe.

There are not two of any thing in the universe.

The universe and all that is, is One.





An exact science of the One visible and invisible universe

of Mind and the registration of all idea of thinking Mind

in light, which is matter and also energy





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