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Fire From The Sky - eBook
By One Who Knows & Hatonn
Sep 15, 2008 - 7:13:00 AM

This is my commentary to Fire in the Sky. This is NOT the pdf file here, if you opened the link.  If you are looking for the pdf is found in the desription under the Fire in the Sky. Just hit the "back button" to return to the page and find the statement: You can download this e-book from here" and click the blue underlined "here."  We have two copies of Fire From the Sky. The pdf file, under e books, and a different version, under True United States History. The advantage of the other version is it is more complete, having within it, the Falkland Islands story which is glossed over in the pdf version. There may be other changes also. One advantage of the Pdf version, is that it is easy to use and also has commentary from Hatonn (Christ MIchael) through out, as it is a version from the Phoenix Journals and Contact magazine. Below is my commentary, for both versions.


Candace: This book, by Calvin Burgin contains a lot of material that came through Dr. Peter Beter (what a name!) from Hatonn, including the Jonestown Story I posted yesterday. This is absolutely fascinating. This is about 160 pages long, and please copy and place it on your computer to read it. Share it around, it is an extremely important story. I have read most of it, still have some yet to go.

The first half is the book, Fire From the Sky, the second half is a bunch of other stories, many in the Phoenix Journals from Hatonn through Dr. Beter, who was busy before the Ekkers started their work. 

Once you read this you will understand why Russia is what it is today. She is still far more powerful than the US military, Nato and Israel. She now has 306 Cosmospheres. The USA had a few, but none now, all destroyed in our worthless games. We still do have the Aurora and related craft.  Russia has brought military balance to this world, in fact is the true superpower and is using that power wisely at this time, checkmating the American Bolsheviks.

Because of Russia, there will be NO tit for tat nuclear exchange, it is NOT possible, for the United States in incapable of attacking Russia in the first place. They do have plasma shielding, and all sorts of beam weapons, and laser weapons that actually make nuclear war unnecessary and are in a way, much safer and cleaner for the planet, if a large war would break out. And we will loose it in 5 minutes or less likely anyway, so it wouldn't be devastating to the whole planet, nor would there be many American civilian deaths. The plasma shield technology was gifted to China and Russia by star fleet to help bring balance to this world, regards warring capabilities. We are safer for it!

I know understand what is called Factions 1 and 2. Faction 1 is the Bolsheviks, Faction 2 is the Banking/Nazis, and Faction 3 is the good US military and they are now preventing some of the trouble the Bushes keep dreaming up.  I read this until quite late last night. I had to get to the end, which I didn't, but to the end of the book. Then I saw the Gyhana material and put that up and hit the sack about midnight.  This book will relieve your fear of nuclear holocaust, even despite the fact that the weapons will be diasable also by star fleet, and now you know after reading this, how they are disabled!  ENJOY, Enjoy, enjoy!!!!

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