Ben and Monjoronson's First Chat
By Ben and Monjoronson
Mar 8, 2013 - 8:49:25 AM

Ben: Greetings Monjonronson it is an honour to greet you and welcome you into this space

Monjoronson: Greetings and blessings to you honoured son, In this time of great unfolding and the divinity which is beheld by those who watch, I am priveledged to have you accept my proposal to work together in this way

Ben: Thank you Magisterial son,

Monjoronson: (Chuckles) Well I can see you have been doing your homework about my portfolio, turn up anything interesting?

Ben: Well, it appears that as those of your stature in the Celestial hierarchy who deign to bestow themselves upon planets such as these are few and far between, you work often for and in collaboration with Creator Michael Sons in bringing about teachings on realms such as these?

Monjoronson: Well you might say that, the situations which arise on select planets in anguish and malaise, this lovely yet poorly treated creation of Atons being a prime example of one of these, I will be often called to provide assistance in both adjudicating in matters of Divine law and also to assist the local Michael son in seeing to the rehabilitation and return to balance of matters pertaining to the wellbeing and full-functioning of malfunctioning ecologies like this one.

Ben: I see, and yet it has also come to my attention that you are walking this planet as we speak?

It is not unusual for the likes of a Magisterial son or Michael son to fully affect his bestowal on the planet in question and at this time, it has proven opportune for me to make myself more comfortable in your density to acclimate myself, and my team, to this heavily weighted density of malignancy and dysfunction. Matters which have come to hand in this realm of time space have now reached a stage where my presence in ‘person’ is more convenient in certain circumstances. Suffice to say, I AM here, amongst the masses as we speak, but not quite as you experience this place, let’s just leave it at that

Ben: Very well, Monjoronson, speak a little if you will about your plans for myself and maybe for your role more directly.

Monjoronson: Well Michael Son, (Ben is a young Michael son serving here-C)  it is important for me to begin to organize assistance in the pronouncements,teaching and guidance that I will offer, now directly, but more specifically, with the passage of certain important event which have been well documented and you have been forewarned aplenty about, we shall see a massive shift in the direction of this planet as the forces of Darkness and Imbalance are forcibly removed for the final time, there will be, you might say, a ghastly wound, torn in the side of this brutally mistreated energetic system of matter and biology, as the malignant tumour of these parasitic organisms are ‘surgically removed’, at which time, the forces of Lighted Being will ‘descend’ en masse to quickly circle and enfold the long suffering and brutalized children of the Creator Son Aton, to assuage their broken minds and bodies, bleeding hearts and sorrowful spirits we have had to witness for quite some time.

It is at this point, in the ensuing rescue and recovery effort that my presence will begin to become vastly more ‘visible’ and as my role unfolds as adjucator and advisor to Christ Michael Aton there will be those who will help to support my activities and work in the capacity of my ‘communicators’ and support crew for the work that falls within my portfolio.

Ben: Will this involve me?

Yes it will, at your request, but the details of that engagement are still not necessary just yet for your digestion, I would advise that we stick to the HERE and NOW, and settle with what we have accomplish in this short space of time. You tire and the connection we have will ‘settle’ with a little more time. Take your rest now, as I take my leave. There will be much more to discuss but we must proceed with caution to take steps which you can handle. Quite a few already, steps that is.

Ben: Well thank you Monjoronson for your time and patience with my uncertainty and frailty. I TRUST IN THIS PROCESS but I still do not ALLOW as easily for these things to flow.

Monjoronson: You have done very well. I bless you and your work Michael Son, I look forward to our next communiqué and will move to standby, ADONAI

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