We are up again
Oct 18, 2016 - 4:46:40 PM

Ron is recovering from a serious medical condition and I want him to just rest until he is comfortable doing his self created job here.... So he will be gone a while longer.  Send him love and prayers.  Another one was trying to help him and I think it better right now to let that project rest a bit.

Those of you who regularly post translations can continue that now. I advise all of you however to pay attention around you because there is some danger.


You can go to TIU for the news in the meantime.  We have had some problems lately though with threats and other issues and it remains time to be a bit quieter than usual until normalcy ????? appears again.   Its important to stand in your shoes at this time because the whole world is afire so to speak... and its that time of no longer playing the fence and chosing the alignment ... every one is sorted to one camp or the other and at least in the United States where I live.. that should be pretty obvious.  That is what 4d does... its sorts love from the absence of love essentially.  And the process will produce Sons of God who know themselves as Sons of God.. or NOT.


The Creation is MORAL.  Those who don't want ot measure up stay on the lower places. Evil does not enter the higher places.

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