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The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild castle
By Les Visible
Sep 26, 2009 - 5:35:00 AM

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Monday, September 14
The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle
Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been patient. Each day I go to The Truthseeker web site and find that it’s gone- or still gone- as the case may be. It seemed that What Really Happened went down at the same time. This proved to be the result of a clerical error and then… very soon after, What Really Happened has come under persistent attack. Jeff Rense is also under attack. The forces behind the attacks are not a secret. It’s also not a secret who owns J.P. Morgan and a great deal of the rest of the world including the major mining and banking interests. The information is out there if you want to look. It all comes down to Rothschild which explains why you hear people say they take their orders from Henry Kissinger.

The creation of the state of Israel had nothing to do with creating a Biblically authorized homeland for Jews but rather for creating a nerve center for the control of world currency and assets. There are things you can do as a nation that you can’t do as a criminal cabal. One of those things is to make criminal activity legal.

The simple answer to most of what is going on everywhere is that humanity has an enemy whose intent is to enslave and torment it and all roads lead to The Rothschild Castle. The intention is clearly stated in the founder’s own words. The solution is for humanity to storm the castle and take back what has been stolen. No matter how you reason it. No matter how you strategize or brainstorm, there is only one solution. The people of the world must overthrow the overlords and they will. They will.

The Truthseeker web site has been a thorn in the side of the ruling elite. The other sites mentioned are also annoyances whose intent is the single most dangerous action that can be contemplated by the psychopath bloodlines; waking the populations up. I would have thought that whatever has happened to The Truthseeker, Rixon Stewart would have found a way to travel to an internet café or a friend’s home and, at the very least, notify me or some other contributor so that the many readers who are concerned about the situation might have some news of what is going on.

It’s a given that whenever the Zionist owned media starts trotting out the dead guy, Bin Laden, that they are on the verge of another outrage against humanity. When you factor in the recent surge in public awareness concerning 9/11 and the obvious perpetrator which is Israel and western intelligence services AND when you begin to see calculated assaults on the alternative media which is presenting the truth about what they have been up to well… it seems pretty clear that they are about to perform some new acts of terror.

This time the false flag, terror act is going to involve assaults on several nations at the same time. Israel is rapidly running out of water and they want the Litani River in Lebanon. Israel hates Syria because it’s called Syria and hasn’t yet become a renamed portion of Ersatz Israel. Israel wants to destroy Iran because the presence of Iran obstructs their intention of controlling the majority of the world’s oil resources. It’s got nothing to do with nuclear weapons of which there are none except in Israel.

It is quite simple when you hose away the disinformation of Zionist media and just look at the players behind present world conflicts and the crashing of the world economies. You look at the players and you look at the organizations and corporations that they play for and then you look at who owns them. You look at the attacks of 9/11, the London Tube and the Madrid Train station and you look at who was in control of security at those locations when they were attacked. You look at who was in charge on security of the WTC in the time period before the attacks and you see who had access to all points of the buildings.

If you can’t gain a pretty clear picture of who was and is involved in turning the world into a terror zone for the purpose of world domination then you are already behind the concertina wire and don’t even know it. Otherwise you are so incredibly dense or distracted that you could be laid out in a vegetable bin and it would be impossible to distinguish you from your companions, or… you’re involved.

A seriously formidable portion of the public knows what’s going on. We don’t know all the details and we don’t have to. Visit any S&MSM news site and look at the comments that follow any disinfo article on 9/11; Bin Laden, Israel or related matters and you see what people actually think. Check any poll. What people think and what it is reported that people think (if it is reported at all) are two different things. Most people know that 9/11 was an Inside Job engineered by agents of a foreign government who are in control of the government and the press of the nation that was attacked.

It should have been a slam dunk but it wasn’t. Even as day follows day and the reality of what is taking place is manipulated by the media and ignored by those whose job it is to investigate what happened, all is not as it should be; as it was planned to be. How is it that the dancing Israelis were spotted? How is it that so much that wasn’t supposed to come out has come out? Why is so much information coming out about the laboratory manufactured flu and vaccines? Something is causing the truth to appear to the confusion of the lies that are orchestrating the chaos in which we find ourselves.

This says it all. This cannot be refuted or spun into something else. This is what is responsible for the news that you get and the news that you do not get. This is what is responsible for the world in which you find yourself and this control of the flow of information -and what information flows- determines the general impression of what is and is not so; what did and did not happen. This control is mirrored in AIPAC which decides who will and will not be appointed or elected. When the government and the media are under the control of the same agenda which is being controlled by a nerve center for world domination that is centered in a rogue nation whose only concern is a pathological hegemony and repression of all things which are not of itself, then everyone else is in trouble.

How did those who are in control get into control? It’s quite simple. They got control of a nation’s money supply just as the quote suggests and then it is a simple matter of determining who gets money and who doesn’t. When you can print the money you can control who gets the money and that money can then be used to purchase the infrastructure that administers the nation as well as the information centers that manufacture the news that tells you what to believe. You can purchase the politicians and you can influence legislation. This is why they don’t want The Federal Reserve audited. This is why enormous sums of money have disappeared and no one knows where it went. Uh huh.

Life has been turned into a horror movie because the principle players are all characters from a real life horror film. The castle has to be stormed by the villagers. That’s a movie too. Remember... this is what we are dealing with.

It seems to be an impossible feat. It is hard to imagine how what needs to be done is going to get done but somehow… all through history we see that this has been accomplished over and over and it will be again. I can’t tell you how it is going to happen. All I can say is that it is going to happen.

The Truthseeker was shut down by those who oppose the truth and whose profit and control rests upon the relentless manufacture of lies. Other alternative news sites are under attack by agents employed by those who own the S&MSM as well as the governments and the banks and most of everything else. Apparently we have been successful in our work.

Brace yourself and open your eyes because it’s all about to go up a notch and it’s not going to be long in coming.
End Transmission.......


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