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More Israeli Black-Op Provocations
Jan 1, 2010 - 4:55:00 AM


Ron: the current Black Ops bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are nothing new. It is a fact that for at least the last 55 years the Israeli Jews have had a history of setting off bombs and killing people with the intent to blame Arabs for the slaughter. See for instance the Lavon Affair:


Prior to the Lavon Affair in 1954, in 1939 Bolshevik Jews in Poland provoked Hitler into attacking Poland thus starting WWII.  See the Danzig Massacres & Bloomberg Bloody Sunday:

Those who like to pretend that the Holohoax was a holocaust might like to view the pictures of the dead and wounded perpetrated by Bolshevik Jews at Bloomberg and in the Danzig Massacres. See:

As in many of the Zionist Holohoax propaganda pictures, the dead bodies in these pictures are of Germans not Jews.


More Israeli Black-Op Provocations







Mercenaries Executed 10 Children At A School And Blamed Americans






Eight Americans Were Killed Inside An Army Base







Afghans Angry About The Children That Were Executed








The Stench Of Zionist's Black-Ops

The idea is to pit soldiers against civilians by slaughtering some Afghan civilians,  then bombing some American troops, and raise the stakes. After killing eight CIA agents, you can figure there will be some CIA controlled drones shooting missiles at anything that moves in Afghanistan.







On December 24th Some Mercenaries Executed Afghan Kids At A School

The United Nations said a preliminary investigation showed that a raid last weekend by foreign troops in a tense eastern Afghan province killed eight students. The attack sparked protests by Afghans against foreign troops. 5







 A Bomb Inside A US Army Base At Khost, Afghanistan

The CIA claims that a Taliban suicide bomber broke into a US base, ran into a gym, and detonated himself. But, the truth is that Israelis planted a bomb in the gym.








Remote Control Bomb Kills Five Canadians

A roadside bombing, also claimed by the Taliban, killed four Canadian troops and a Canadian journalist in southern Afghanistan.







This Is Just One Of Many Black-Ops That Israel Pulled

In 1967 they attacked the USS Liberty, in 1983 they killed six CIA in Beirut, in 2002 they blew up a car with three CIA in Gaza.


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