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Brief Summary of our Star Friends attitude
By Sheldan Nidle
Nov 29, 2009 - 3:26:00 AM

Dear Friends,

this are the attitude of our Star Friends:

Lyrans [Shama’an] improve their environment; best diplomats; first human star nations; mediators between human star nations and non-human sentient beings

Centaurians [Zamaya] the administrators, very organized; very intense, efficient managers; analytical nature; they get the job done

Pleiadeans [Shala’am] interact with their environment; galactic historians; environmental scientists; developed time travel because of their historic curiosity

Sirians [Selamat Ja!] absorb their environment; the spiritual healers; service-oriented; laid back; exploring joy and playing games

Herculeans [Selama’at Jara!] great psychologists; experts at Fluid Group Dynamics; problem solvers; goal-oriented

Andromedans [Acharaya] best scientific innovators; developed replicators and space craft propulsion systems; most diverse culture; known throughout galaxy for ritual chants


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