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AH Member Writings Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Vision of our New World
By German Members of Abundanthope
Jul 23, 2016 - 9:01:14 AM

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Vision of our New World
The result of a brainstorming session by team members of the German AH Support Forum in July/August 2011. Translation: Jaya and Harald. Edited by Rosie in July 2016

More and more people are worried that our world will come to an end. Yet this will only be the end of the world as we know it. The majority only perceive a very vague sense of threat, and many try to push aside the thought that all aspects of our world’s society and communities are crumbling and collapsing.

Our present concept of ourselves and our present global understanding - primarily moulded by indolence, unconsciousness, greed, ignorance of the “truth within” and denial of the existence of a “Creator Source” – is falling apart. Divine Order is presently overruled by materialistic ideology, and thus remains unknown to the majority.

It is therefore our aim to develop and share our visions for the new earth in a spirit of unity with all mankind. We invite everyone to take inspiration from these visions and to move on to new paths. It is hoped that this text will provide orientation for a new life on a new earth. The meaning of these words will reveal itself to you if you rely on your inner perception. In these times of chaotic collapse, many people already sense that a new way of being is growing within themselves, and that this demands expression and concrete manifestation.

What are the basic principles of our true nature in order to generate a new brand of humanity? How should this new state of being and it's creations manifest?

We should ideally enter into self-reflection, releasing fear and stress, freeing ourselves from conditioning and from domination by others. We know in the innermost part of ourselves that we are able to live together in love, peace, mutual trust and support for each other. We operate from a new basis – from our innermost divine being where the love and energy of the Divine flows through us into the outside world. We will – once again - live in alignment with divine order.

We will understand that we are ALL part and expression of this divine source - its stream of life and love. This is how we will become truly HU-man (Higher Universal Man), once more realizing and experiencing ourselves as ONE, connected through our hearts in love and brotherhood. We will consciously live and communicate with each other in honesty, sincerity and integrity. Once again, we will become aware of our divine creative power and use it for the wellbeing of all life.

We will readily assume full responsibility for our thoughts and actions. In this way, we will create a new society where mind is ruled by the heart. Each human being will be free to express itself individually and creatively and will contribute to the well-being of the community as part of the whole. In this way, people and our earth will be able to experience healing and return to harmonious living. Our lives will be filled with meaning and joy again.

What will our new relationship to earth be like?

We will remember that the earth, our mother, is a loving and conscious being, and we will realize that all life is interconnected. As guardians of the earth we will cherish her and contribute to healing her completely. We will show her our love by handling her with care, observing natural cycles and living in unison with her and the spirits of nature. We will gently and attentively cultivate our food. We will enjoy her beauty with gratitude. In cooperation with all natural phenomena and rules of nature and universal laws of balance, we will ensure that our earth grows and evolves according to the divine plan and will remain connected to universal circuits.

How will we live together on our new Earth?

“I will open doors for you, allowing you to enter realms which cannot be described nor explained except by the language of the heart.“ (Jesus Christ)

In unity and oneness with our Creator we pass through the door of the heart in mutual love and respect. We realize that all human beings are siblings in spite of differing nationality, skin colour or religion. We see through the deceptive nature of materialism and realize that a simple life is much more liberating and fulfilling.

Then we will overcome wars, conflicts and differences between nations. We will achieve peaceful cooperation and exchange between all nations and cultures, and we will reconnect to our star brothers and sisters in our local universe.

As free-will beings we will be independent, yet still connected to all, and therefore old habits of control and competition will dissolve. We will live in harmony in families or other self-organizing groups. The family is the basic unit in which children feel safe and protected. We will love and cherish our children as free and divine beings. Together with them, we will enjoy their growth and their progress in understanding themselves and the deeper meaning of life. New forms of schooling and learning will support the free development of children and unfolding of their personalities, promoting their individuality and potential by encouraging development of both heart and mind.

How will work be viewed on this new earth?

Work will no longer be an instrument of suppression and abuse. Ideally, activities will be freely chosen, enable self-expression, encourage creativity and provide services to the community. Daily life and the economy will no longer be dominated by the power and greed of a small minority. All that is harmful or superfluous will fall away. Thus there will be much more time available for enjoying each other’s company and for periods of self-reflection to benefit our own growth.

Living in such balance means that our work reconnects us to our joy, thus this serves our basic material, communal and spiritual needs. We will overcome our dependency on money by creating new means of exchange.How will science be regarded in the new age?Science will serve all life and will contribute to our growing understanding of cosmic structures. Science will be freely conducted and its discoveries will be used for the highest good of all human beings and all life. Different branches will work together in mutual exchange.

What will new technology be used for?

We will have access to free energy devices in all sections of life for local unrestricted free use. This and other new technologies and industries will simplify our lives. They will be efficient, sustainable and will preserve our earth and her resources. We will also have totally new modes of travel, for example the possibility of travelling to other star systems.

What will health and healing mean for us?

We will return to a state of real health in which body, mind, soul and spirit are one. Our body is the temple of our spirit. We will gain a new understanding of disease from the recognition that the cause of disease and thus our dysfunction lies within. We will gain increased self-realisation through the experience of dis-ease, and will become more and more whole. In this way we will reconnect with our inner voice and our divine inner guidance. We will have healing houses and temples instead of hospitals.

How will we express our true being?

All human beings will know the worth of developing the intelligence of the heart, their intuition, their flexibility and creativity, and their sense of beauty and harmony. These will be expressed in new ways of thinking and living together and in communion with nature, in new forms of architecture and community building, new forms of healing, a new culture of the mind and a renewal of the arts. In this way our creative abilities will no longer expressed in shows of ugliness or destruction. Instead, creativity will results in manifestations directly from our innermost soul, expressing its innate harmony. Every single human being and the whole of society will unfold into ever higher forms of being in this new age of light and life for the enjoyment of our Creator and all human beings. Everything will flow into each other and affect each other, resulting in a new form of creativity and bringing a new radiant world into being.

What about the bigger picture?

Our earth will again turn into paradise, according to the divine plan. She is the immediate expression of divine, creation which is active in each of us, too. In this way, we will together create heaven on earth in order to rebuild our planet into the beautiful blue diamond of our universe. We already carry this vision of our new earth in our hearts, together with all others who desire this transformation, and we will do everything in our power to manifest this.

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