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Resources : 911 Material Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

WAKE UP! The Quran Burning Pastor is an IMBECILE! and has a paid role in False-Flag Terrorism.
By Virick
Sep 11, 2010 - 5:10:37 PM

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Alrite folks! This is NOTHING new to all at AH.

This is just a copy-paste of material i wrote for my face book "friends" who are still heavily asleep. it is being placed here on AH in any case, just in case. Thanks. Virick.


WAKE UP! The Quran Burning Pastor is an IMBECILE! and has a paid role in False-Flag Terrorism.

Here is the Virick take on the Imbecile Pastor who likes to burn Qurans for fun. His name is not worth the mention on my facebook.

First, the typical headlines over the past couple of days (or more) till date, as forced on us by the unscrupulous, shameless Mainstream Media and copycat local stations and sources:

- Mosque to be erected at 9/11 ground-zero.

- Florida pastor calls for burning of Qurans - Burn a Quran day - to protest erection of an Islamic centre on the 9/11 ground-zero.

- Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan?

-Westboro Baptist Church to burn Qurans if {Lunatic Pastor} does not.

- Obama condemns Koran burning plan (Im sure everyone bought into his "honesty")

- US Embassies Worldwide Hold Emergency Security Meetings(????) Over Pending "Koran" Burning.


- INTERPOL??? Issues Global Alert??? for Increased Terror Threat??? If Quran Burning In U.S Really Happens.

- Blah blah blah!!!!!!

And in the last couple of hours:

- Florida (Imbecile) pastor calls off burning of Qurans.

- Florida (Imbecile) pastor puts burning of Qurans on hold.

- Florida (Imbecile) pastor cancels "Koran" burning day, and then reconsiders.

- Back and forth. And so on and so forth...

Now ladies and gentle men, "my opinion" of False Flag "terrahrism".

Did you know that term "false-flag " is a well known concept that actually has well accepted definitions? That it is not the figment of imagination of few "Conspiracy NUTs" like me.

Looky here:

Ah! Now humour yourself with these:


Get my drift?

Once upon a time, even perhaps, as far back as the Pearl harbour incident on through to 9/11 and every day since then, when the ZIONISTS thugs wanted something, THEY WOULD INVENT AN ENEMY. In 2001, it was Al-Qaida therefore the Muslim faith, Islam.

Note that when i say ZIONIST thugs or Thugs, i refer specifically to the global cabal, the global Banksters, the small handful of putrid cockroaches that run this world behind the scenes, the Khazar "JEWS", the "god's" chosen people and their Uhmerikan government puppies.

These cancers have their base of operation seemingly on US soil. Hence the reasons why America seems to be the illusory center of the world.

Back to the invented enemy. The "enemy" would then go on to stage an event like 9/11, 7/7 in UK, Madrid bombings, Suicide bombings here and there, and so on and so forth.

Then through their Global network of controlled Mainstream Media (MSM), they would sing 24/7 - "It's them", "It's them", "it's the Muslims", "its Al-Qaida", "Al-Qaida has admitted to this and that...".

Now the US government along with its Uhmerikan citizens (silly people who actually think they have a democracy and live in a "free" country) says, ""Let's go get Al-Qaida" where ever we decide they are in the world". Yeah!!! Freedom!!!! War on Terror!!!

And sanctimonious fools of Christians for example, get sucked in, the circuit closed, and the blood orgy begins. Same old, same old!

Ring a bell? Osama bin laden? Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Nigeria? Etc, etc, etc............... Do you doubt the last 2 are not on that hit list? That's another story, another "conspiracy" theory.

All the depraved MSM really has to do is repeat the same thing continuously until the global populace of SHEEP actually feel sympathy for lil' ol' US or Israel - The only 2 countries in the world that Islamic "Rag-heads" just love to hate? (as an Uhmerikan colleague put it)

Everyone sits back and says nothing while these insects go ahead and blow up men, women and children to little bits and pieces with their fancy toys, and label them Islamic TERRORISTS?

Well, during Iraq and with the apparent absence of any "Nukular Wepins of Mass Distrakshn", coupled with the ever increasing clamour for 9/11 re-investigations by a small handful, it seemed that even more uhmerikans got a tad bit smarter and started asking questions too, albeit irrelevant questions but questions never the less.

So today, it appears the Thugs have gotten a bit frustrated and therefore, SLOPPY, but still manage to remain defiantly unrepentant.

Today, using the now suddenly Famous LUNATIC Pastor that likes to burn Qurans for "fun", so to speak, and an age-old system of laying down a potent foundation of religious animosity, along with the continuous repetition of the same News headlines for days without end, the Thugs seek to make it possible that the execution of another "terrahrist" attack on naive Uhmerikans by Al-Qaida or Islamic blah blah is ever more probable, if not wholly successful.

And then off to the next stage of world domination, strategic country after strategic country. "Pinky and the Brain" on a very very serious scale.

I assure you, an attack on America by Al-Qaida during this period of the LUNATIC Pastor HOOPLA and 9/11 anniversary is very much afoot. It's too obvious. But i trust they will always FAIL as they usually have for the past 9 years because "God" is keeping an active look-out, literally.

The motives, the real motives for such lunacy is far too complicated and somewhat unnecessary for me to state here as it would serve no purpose, simply because the average person for reasons best known to them refuses to comprehend the even smaller concepts of cleverly laid out plans of the small handful of people that seek complete control of this world. So why risk my "sanity" going deeper.

I repeat, and to keep it simple, "Al-Qaida" or would-be "Muslims" WILL attempt to commit an act of terror on American soil as they successfully did in 9/11, then another unquestionable pretext is born to attack another country of their choosing which "classified evidence" or "intelligence" will "prove" is a haven for terrorists?

If the "terrorists" succeed in killing dumb Uhmerikans again, "UHMERIKA and her allies" WILL invade a country, plunder its resources, install their puppets in power and walk away, but not after leaving many innocents properly deaded. Not a typo.

So, what countries would they attack this time? Iran? Why not?

Haven't they been preparing us all by using the MSM to sing the "Nukular" song over Iran's head for years?

Have you ever heard of the Iranian oil bourse? Of course not! It is but one of many reasons. Google it!

Have you all forgotten that the ground-work has already been laid which labels Nigeria, for instance, as a terrorist haven? Or was the guy with the explosive boxers not a Nigerian? Or is it that none of you saw the utter silliness of that whole Pant-bombing shindig?

Do you think these conjectures, or "conspiracies" are really far-fetched? Use your God-given minds to ponder all the possibilities.

War on "terrahrism" is friggin BIG business at the very least and worth the effort of such scale of practical madness by mad men and women.

Always remember this, all countries that Uhmerika has ever attacked in times past have one thing in common. Ranging from Afghanistan to Iraq? It's resources! Ah But not entirely. There is more, always, but i will stop there.

Any reason from control of Opium (Afghanistan) to Oil (Iran), and probably light-sweet crude (Nigeria) is worth the liquidation of gullibly DULL uhmerikans who like to think they are educated and that their enemies live in other countries.

Anyways, there is more than ample evidence if you choose to investigate false-flag attacks like 9/11 and so forth, so i will not go into that. YouTube or Google it if you are interested.

If you are still one of those who think 9/11 WAS NOT an inside job, then you have been left behind by at least 8 years.

It is no longer an issue of proving the truth of the endless false-flag Ops world-wide, it is now an issue of global disclosure and arrests. You're late! But welcome.

Al-Qaida IS the black-ops arm of the US government and friends, whose sole purpose of creation is to persistently stage terror attacks and blame it on the Muslims. PERIOD!


If Al-Qaida/US/Israel is not producing fake videos of several different looking Osama bin ladens busy making threats and encouraging attacks on US "interests", they are usually using Pastors and/or Christians, especially being proud, arrogant and dis-tastefully self-righteous to provoke the attacks of "Al-Qaida" on the US.

When and where ever you next hear Al-Qaida did something, IT WAS THE US GOVERNMENT basically. The THUGS!

Unto "Conspiracy NUTS" like myself world-wide, whenever the US and Co. fling the name Al-Qaida at us on the news, they are letting people like us who know the truth recognise it is/was them who did it and ain't nothing we can do about it! And so the story goes...


Now to the current conspiracy in the making - The Lunatic Imbecile Pastor.

Read the 1st paragraph of Wikipedia here: ( ). Then read on to see the history of this LUNATIC Pastor just for the fun of it.

I like this red-flag:

"Dove World Outreach Center is a small, 50 member non-denominational ...."

This was why i said "sloppy". Now ask yourself this question, what kind of church set up for years has only "50" members??????? And why does such a Church with an apparently ostracised Lunatic at its head deserve all the attention the MSM is deliberately giving to it/him at the behest of their controllers?

Think People! THINK!!!!

Friends, you must learn to see through these over used games and stop falling for such NON-SENSE time and time and time again and again and again. These are the oldest tricks in the book you know. Age old war provoking strategies i'm not surprised is never included in the average History syllabus or History channel (for those of you who believe everything you watch).

PLEASE Christians! Leave the Muslims be and tend to the ills of your religion. I say this because i am witness to Christian family, friends and colleagues who actually open their mouths to say that Muslims have a problem of violence. BULLSHIT!

You have NO RIGHT to think such in your minds, much less utter such. The only violence propagating religion i know is Christianity and I'm not being cheeky here. And Yes, i like to criticise Christianity because I AM a "registered"/baptised Christian. I have earned the right to do so.

I have a trusted friend who was also born a Christian, who has read the Quran and attests to the fact that it preaches peace far much more than the bible does.

Again, as a "registered"/Baptised Christian that i am, who has read the bible cover to cover, i know for a fact that the first part of bible (the old testament) constitutes one of the most violent "reads" i have ever read, with more "and God said...kill, kill, kill" than any book i have heard of. A horror movie in a book!

Christians, is that a lie or shall i start quoting from the first chapter alone?

Again, please STOP the silliness, tend your religious business, criticise your own religion and let the Muslims be.

My Muslim friends are by far the most straight forward people i have ever met and their straight forward character is because they are Muslims. Ironically i trust them more than i trust "my" fellow Christians.

You all must resist being used by our Christian leaders who can't even agree amongst themselves, for the purpose of perpetrating acts of war, acts of murder on innocent men, women and children, directly or indirectly.

As we say out here in Nigeria, for every time you point your finger at another, there are more or less, 4 fingers pointing right back at ya. That is why i am only interested in criticism of Christianity for i was born into it and i insist that i reserve the right of criticism of my own registered "faith" and not of another, for the sole reason that only a "Christian" can successfully detect the falsities in Christian teachings and never "otherwise". Otherwise = Hypocrisy.

I tip the proverbial hat to my Muslim brothers and sisters that i know personally and all Muslims in general for your apparent patience and holding of your peace in the face of constant attacks on your faith by individuals and Government paid Lunatics, who seek without fail at provoking you to righteous anger.

They know EXACTLY what they are doing, and perhaps silence truly remains the best answer for fools since the fools themselves are the victims of their very own foolishness.

May Allah, May God, bless us all with the wisdom of his unending, his unbiased love.



9/11 was an Inside Job!


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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