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Resources : 911 Material Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Top Floors of Towers were Water tanks?
By Renee?
Jul 11, 2010 - 6:02:36 AM

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MWM: Renee: I completely agree. Griffen, whom I have had the happy occassion to eat dinner with, is truly amazing. He has the powers of logic and data correlation of the Borg and the relentless intrepid heart of an heroic Knight. The Pen is his Excalibar. Slay the Dragon he does. His lances rend the veil in so many places it cannot be restored. The Empire falls, soon, it does.

Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 19:33:27 -0600
Subject: Debunking.
From: Renee
To: Michael Mandeville <>

Excellent report on debunking the debunkers ! That will give them food for thought...except thought escapes them.

In all the reports on the WTC buildings, no word has ever been mentioned about the top floors of both towers. Both top floors where not offices but Water Tanks ! Yes indeed, Water Tanks ! The whole floor was lined with galvanised steel and were filled with water. Reason for that was that in case of failure of the automatic sprinklers to go off, the water tanks could be opened and the gravity flow would then take the place of the pressurised water system, manually if necessary. You can well imagine how much water an entire top floor can hold !

The reason I know this info is because I called a very close friend of mine who was the scientist, with a few others, who designed the entire computerised system for both buildings. When I called and asked how come there were fires in both towers he said that obviously the water system had failed and the water tank system also. But that he personally had designed a fail safe computerised backup system in case any one of the 2 failed for some reason. And, said he, the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing. This at 9.30 am that morning of 9-11 ! He then added, The top floor tanks must have been empty, which he later confirmed after he had called someone who would know. The 2 tanks were empty !!! Why would both be empty when the system was in fine working order ??? If one top floor tank was empty, oh well, something went haywire...but two ?

Personally I watched the explosions on every corner of both buildings. It happened extremely fast and synchronised. I am familiar with controlled demolition because my late husband was a very well known architect. My eyes were not focused on one detail of the Live coverage that morning but on the entire picture. You do that by staring straight at the Full, entire event you are trying to scrutinise. You then see all the happenings all over that entire picture. That is why I witnessed every single blast coming straight out , sideways, of each corner joint on every floor where the steel joints are welded together. There was one huge cloud coming from the top floor which almost but not quite, touched the explosions on each corner of each floor. It was each second that one went of below and then below again. Then, before the last explosion reached the bottom corners, the top floors were already into their downfall and almost free fall. No floor gave any resistance for anymore then a few seconds if that long. It was complete synchronicity perfected without one glitz ! And almost to fast for the eyes to catch.

I never took my eyes off, as I learned this during the war as I was designated the eyes and ears of every bombing my Father had organised on behalf of the Allies in London and their bombing raids in our area. To take in the whole picture and not a part there off. We lived in the only tall apartment building in the nation at that time and could see clearly over the other rooftops, which were only 4 floors at the highest. And we were on the 8th !
When the buildings were still being imploded I was on the phone with my friends and screamed: They are being imploded. This is demolition.!!! Rather hysterically I might add. I thought we were facing another war and my whole being goes into Over Alert then !!!

Anyway, later reruns had deleted these explosion frames...of course. As had the first plane hitting the first tower been deleted. But I saw these frames at least a dozen times before they were taken off. All this was live shooting at first and I saw all of the live filming non-stop from beginning to end. I also have the film, taken by the security cameras of a building site next to the Pentagon, on my computer, which shows a rocket entering the building at ground level. It left a tell tale sign behind it in the form of a spiralling smoke trail. All rockets and bombs spiral on their way to their targets. And this one was turning slowly but surely. And no impact damages of any wings on the side of the building of course. The wings of a Boeing would have sliced straight through those walls and probably out the back, since those buildings are narrow ! And a floor above would have half collapsed without a support wall. Tilted sidewise down.

As luck will have it, the pilot who would have been in one of the planes, the second most senior pilot on the payroll of American Airlines, was miraculously bumped off the flight from Boston by the senior pilot who had to go on a family emergency to LA. This bumped pilot is the brother of my son-in-law ! And he stated quite clearly that no passenger plane could have flown at ground level in that small of a space before the Pentagon. There are apartment buildings in the way of the path of decent and had a plane been able to skim those roofs, they would have landed BEHIND the Pentagon or at best damaged the roof of the building way in back or torn off the landing gear..

So much for fabrications by amateurs who know they can fool some of the people some of the time but cannot fool all of the people all of the time !
Signing off, R.


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