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Political Information
May 28, 2017 - TINA’s Legacy: Free Money, Bread and Circuses and Collapse

Ron: What this author labels as "burdensome debt" is mostly fraudulently created by a criminal money creation and usurious banking system. That debt should not have been created in any event. In addition, "declining incomes" have been created by the banksters who control our world's Central Bank and commercial banking systems. Those banksters have used their ill gotten wealth accrued through their criminal money creation and distribution monopolies, and usurious banking practices, to own and control most of our world's mega transnational corporations whose rapacious practices have caused  the rapid and accelerating decline in employment and incomes. Accordingly, the implication that "every household" would get "free money" which will make "a lot of problems go away" is misleading. Those problems have essentially been created by the banksters (assisted by their mercenary minions) with their creation of the fraudulent, anti-social, materialist money meme and associated fraudulent usurious banking practices. Provision of "free money" or a "debt jubilee" will not eliminate criminal banksters and their practices. What is required to permanently resolve these problems is ELIMINATION of the money meme which is the root cause of the seperation, isolation and consequent ego-centric, materialist individual and societal orientations that cause the problems. Moreover, these problems infect ALL of the global population, ie not only the bottom 95%, but also the banksters and their minions who constitute the top 5%.

This solution requires a radical increase in individual and community (global) consciousness which will result in individuals focussing on service to others more than self. That increase in consciousness is underway NOW due to increasing awareness influenced by technological changes like the internet and increases in incoming energies from the centre of the galaxy. Those who respond positively to these changes will remain with this planet after the coming Earth Changes and their increased consciousness will result in improved attitudes to life, the universe and everything which will translate into a moneyless global society in due course. So be it.

True US History
May 28, 2017 - Memorial Day: "We The People" Demand Honesty (Bix Weir)

Bix Weir: We the people are entitled to know everything... It's time to tell the truth... I'm sick of the PEOPLE in MY government lying. Only one way to FIX America...EXPOSE THE TRUTH.

Ron: I'm sick of it too! IF President Trump and his Administration can't EXPOSE THE TRUTH, someone else must do it! Putin knows and so does Xi Jinping. The longer DISCLOSURE of the truth is delayed, the worse our world gets and the harder it will be for most people to accept the reality when it is exposed. What's the point of USans electing Donald Trump as President if he just continues to conceal the truth? How is that any different from what his predecessors, including JFK, did?

Political Information
May 28, 2017 - Explosive Revelation of Obama Administration

May 28, 2017 - What Every Country Can Learn From Ecuador

Children plant a tree on Catequilla Hill in an area called "La Mitad del Mundo," where the equator is located, north of Quito, Ecuador, Saturday, May 16, 2015. Environmentalist organizations aimed to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people planting trees simultaneously across the country, including this arid area near the capital. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/DOLORES OCHOA

Political Information

Ron: This video presents a plausible scenario concerning Corey Goode and David Wilcock and their disinformation machinations. In my view geet discernment is required with anything David Wilcock or Corey Goode say. As regards Jordan Sather, I think he is genuine but he is young and may be being sucked into the nefarious activities of Wilcock and Goode without realising what is happening.

True US History
May 28, 2017 - George Carlin speaks trump and 2016 ( way before )

George Carlin speaks trump and 2016 ( way before )

This 11' 46' video was published by buzz vid on Jan 11, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuaFJaiAx4U

Political Information
May 28, 2017 - UN Peacekeepers: How a Haiti child sex ring was whitewashed

Despite those unresolved allegations, the U.N. has deployed thousands of peacekeepers from Sri Lanka. This is a pattern repeated around the world: Strapped for troops, the U.N. draws recruits from many countries with poor human rights records for its peacekeeping program, budgeted at nearly $8 billion this year.

An AP investigation last month found that, in the past 12 years, an estimated 2,000 such allegations have been leveled at U.N. peacekeepers and personnel. That tally could change as U.N. officials update their records and reconcile data from old files.

Political Information
May 28, 2017 - The Obsession With Russian Goes Back Decades

Just consider the accusations that have been leveled at the president:

  1. He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.
  2. He has committed treason by befriending Russia and other enemies of America.
  3. He has subjugated America's interests to Moscow.
  4. He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones, like his previous marriage and divorce.

President Donald Trump?

No, President John F. Kennedy.

Political Information
May 28, 2017 - US Special Forces Now Carry Out 100 Missions ‘At Any Given Time In Africa’

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - David Cameron’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Deal Raised £17.8m For Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for War

In summary, South Africa operated a covert nuclear ballistic missile program. The United Nations introduced a mandatory arms embargo against South Africa in the development and manufacture of such weapons. Israel assisted anyway. The result was that nine nuclear weapons were left after testing. The purpose was to prove to international markets it had that capability and was willing to sell that capability to willing buyers.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - What’s Hidden Inside That Conservative Manifesto That No-one Is Talking About

Other than calling for a state of emergency in Britain, Theresa May's only reply to the Manchester bombing was asking the world's biggest countries to launch a crackdown on social media, as if somehow, Twitter or Facebook was wholly responsible for it. The trouble with social media is that it has become a force for political change and the Conservatives don't like that idea much, so they want to control that too.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Is the CIA using ISIS in Marawi to topple Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

"The Deep State is attacking the Philippines and they are using ISIS to do the deed. The goal is destabilize the Duterte's rule in the Philippines. Why? Because after meeting with President Trump, Duterte promptly returned home, prosecuted 3,000 online child sex traffickers. He later found that the Deep State has positioned ISIS to destabilize the Philippines with the goal of regime change. ISIS is actually an occupying terrorist inside the Philippines."[1]

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks

This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack. In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities. Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack.

According to government and media reports, the suspects are without exception linked to an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.  None of these terror suspects survived. Dead men do not talk. In the case of the tragic events in Manchester, the bankcard of the alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi was found in his pocket in the wake of the explosion... Can we believe the official narrative of HM government? No questions asked. Can we believe the Western media? - Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Amnesty International Confirms US Gave ISIS $1 Billion of Weapons in 2016

isis israel

NEON NETTLE – Amnesty International has confirmed that the US Army gave ISIS $1 billion worth of arms and equipment in Iraq during President Obama’s final year in office, according to a report.The data was obtained by the human rights group following a freedom of information request for a 2016 government audit.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - As Jews, nothing is more pertinent to our lives than the Torah

ed note–Chock FULL of ‘goodies’, as the saying goes.

First, as we have discussed on this site many many times, the often repeated notion passed around like a bottle of beer within ‘duh muuvmint’ that Jews don’t follow the Torah but rather the Talmud is patently false. It may sound good, may tickle a person’s fancy, but is not rooted in reality or the truth. The Torah, with all its commands to exterminate and enslave Gentiles is indeed their ‘how to’ manual for ‘being Jewish’ and anyone who claims to know otherwise is selling you a lemon.

Next, examine carefully how this book is described by our esteemed Hebraic author–not as something that was given by the Almighty to make life on earth better for all people, but rather to make life better FOR JEWS. Furthermore, examine carefully how the Torah and its ‘unity’ is described, as ‘a weapon’ that makes the Jews ‘indestructible’.

Human/Animal Rights
May 27, 2017 - Judge Censors Video Exposing Planned Parenthood.

"The First Amendment must apply equally whether you are pro-choice or pro-life," Ferreira said yesterday. "A publicly-accused defendant is entitled to face his accusers in a public trial. Anything less is a corrupt attempt by the Attorney General to orchestrate a star-chamber proceeding reminiscent of the witch hunts and show trials of more unenlightened eras."

Podcasts, Radio Shows, Video by AH
May 27, 2017 - The Activities Around Trump's Foreign Policy Are Scandalous - But The Media Won't Tell You Why

The scandal here is not Trump and are not his advisors' contacts with Russian officials. The scandal are the leaks by "officials" about confidential diplomacy, the sham FBI "investigations" and the general undemocratic hostility and resistance of the foreign policy establishment, the security services and the media towards the president's chosen policies. This is completely independent of whether one likes those policies or not.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - What's Really Behind Assault on Tesla Factory "Safety?"

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - “Sickening Cowardice”: Now More Than Ever, Britain’s Theresa May Must be Held to Account on the Plight of Yemen’s Children

This just isn't good enough. Journalists have weighty obligations, something that requires us to entertain a notion of "newsworthiness" that goes beyond cynically calculating the value of human lives in accordance with what might presumably be of more or less interest to a specific audience. Theresa May's comments require us to scrutinise her own policies, especially in regards to the very evident fact that they have brought hardship and death to people elsewhere.

To obfuscate here would be to kowtow to a news agenda that all too often tends to downplay the sufferings of those outside of the western world, as if such matters are (or should) be forever removed from the vaunted "public interest". This is unacceptable. The actions of those in power should always be scrutinised, even when such scrutiny may prove unpopular.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Are Credit Rating Agencies America’s Secret Fifth Column?

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Eurasian chessboard & total surveillance: 10 Quotes by the Late Zbigniew Brzezinski

Eurasian chessboard & total surveillance: 10 quotes by the late Zbigniew Brzezinski

Health and Nutrition
May 27, 2017 - Australian hemp growers ready for good times as industry expands

Ron: The Deep State is allowing hemp and cannabis to be legally used again after suppressing such use for about 80 years. This suggests that the Deep State is being forced to allow DISCLOSURE of at least some health and medical technologies. Hopefully these disclosures will continue and spread to other technologies including those relating to power generation and space travel etc.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Manchester, Trump, Abbas and ‘Evil Losers’


"[President Trump] tied the event to the message at the core of his overseas trip. “Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed,” he said. “We cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people…The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever.”

Referring to radical Islamism [i.e. Wahhabism-Judaism], he stated: “This wicked ideology must be obliterated… All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and in peace.”

The only problem with this declaration — as clear as it was crucial — was that not a single Arab or Muslim leader listening to and applauding it believed it was aimed at them."

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: The future Jewish power center of the world?

Ron: Some of the Jews who originally gained power in the putsch that created the Kiev Junta were:

President - Poroshenko (Valtsman) - Jew. - and. o. President Turchinov (Kogan) - Jew. - Prime Minister - Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) - Jew. - The Minister of Finance - Alexander Shlapak- Jew. - Secretary of national security and Defence - Andrew Parubiy- Jew - Vice Prime Minister - Vladimir Groisman - a Jew. - Interior Minister Arsen Avakov - Armenian Jew - Minister of Culture - Sergei Nischuk - Jew, Mason - Director of the National Bank - Stepan Kubiv - Jew. - Head of the Administration of President - Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew. The main presidential candidates from the opposition: - Julia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish. - Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father. - Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) a Jew mom. - Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh-Jew Hasid. The oligarchs in Ukraine - all Jews: I. Kolomoisky, E. Hurwitz, H. Bogolyubov, Poroshenko, D. Firtash, S. Liovochkin, V. Haiduk, V.Nemirovsky, K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, Akhmetov, A. Martynov, B. Kostelman, E.Sigal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman, F. Shpyg, N. Shufrych, Rodnyanskii A., I. Butler, A. Abdinov, V. Ermolaev, M. Kiperman, E. Zviagilskiy, F. Zhebrovskaya, S. Ronis, H. Korban, G. Surkis, I. Surkis, V. Shamotiy, A. Leszczynski, J. Rodin, M. Becker. All media - in the hands of Jews P. Poroshenko, I. Kolomoisky, D. Firtash, V. Pinchuk, Akhmetov. nezalezhnoy Presidents: - Kravchuk (Bloom) - a Jew. - Kuchma (Kuchman) - Jew.

The main presidential candidates from the opposition were:
Yulia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) - Jewish

Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) - a Jew by his father
Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) - a Jew mom
Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh - Jew Hasid


SOTT - Shmuel Kamenetsky himself repeatedly publicly spoke about the fact that in Ukraine the Jewish world in its main mass supported nationalist Maidan (...) It is necessary to say that ideas of the Ukrainian nationalism are clear for habadniks, after all, it is they who most actively among all the Jewish world resist the process of assimilation of Jews and are fighters for the purity of blood. Rebbe Shmuel repeatedly stated that their main objective is the "preservation of Jewry and the fight against assimilation".

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Making Syria great again: Over 15,000 small businesses resume work in Aleppo


Image result for the levant

MAKING SYRIA GREAT AGAIN - This is the real Syria. This is how the ancient Mesopotamians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Babylonians, the Byzantines, the pagan Arabs and Muslims Arabs etc. etc. etc. had always viewed that region which the modern West renamed the Levant. This is how it had always been until the West broke it up into the modern 'nation' states of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria (Sykes-Picot agreement).

True US History
May 27, 2017 - Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new undercover video

SOTT - Planned Parenthood executives joked about decapitated fetuses, admitted to altering abortion procedures to preserve fetal organs and said clinics have a financial incentive to sell human tissue in a new undercover video released Thursday.

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Eastern Europe Tilts to OBOR and Eurasia


Political Information
May 27, 2017 - US Policymakers Openly Plot Against Venezuela

The US media has been paying increasing attention to the unfolding crisis in the South American nation of Venezuela. As the US media has done elsewhere, it is attempting to portray the unfolding crisis as a result of a corrupt dictatorship fighting against a "pro-democracy" opposition.

In reality, it is simply a repeat of US-driven regime change aimed at toppling Venezuela's independent state institutions and replacing them with institutions created by and for US special interests. 
The "opposition" is comprised of US-backed political parties and US-funded fronts posing as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) many of which are listed on the US State Department's National Endowment for Democracy (NED) website. - Tony Cartalucci

Political Information
May 27, 2017 - Egypt Launches Airstrikes Against Libya- Manchester Pretext?

May 27, 2017 - POLE SHIFT HAPPENING Retired Military Man FACTS Extinct Level Event!

Ron: Dunno who this commentator is or his credentials but his general assessments and advice seem reasonably accurate. The coming Earth Changes will include a magnetic Pole Shift BUT NOT a devastating physical Pole Reversal. His advice that personal survival largely depends on one's spiritual orientation is sound. Although Universe Management has said its Space Fleet will seek to assist humanity before total catastrope occurs, this commentator's advice to USans about psychological and physical preparation for the dire days that will soon be upon us is reasonable.

May 27, 2017 - New Way to Make Plasma Propulsion Lighter and More Efficient

Ron: Have you noticed how articles about space tech and other suppressed technologies are being leaked into the public arena? I have. This article appears to be another one. Notice the nonchalant way in which the term space craft is dropped into the mix.

True US History
May 27, 2017 - 5.26 - Trump's NATO Speech, He's "With an Alliance" & Seth Rich is the Key to Exposing PG

May 27, 2017 - Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

Political Information
May 26, 2017 - Macron, May & Merkel: Will Europe's Childless Leaders Halt Demographic Decline?

Ron: Childlessness and the demographic decline of Anglo and European culture and populations is a result of Talmudic manipulation spearheaded by the Jew created Feminist, Gender Diversity and Political Correctness memes foisted on the Western World in pursuance of fulfillment of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Jewess Gloria Steinem's career typifies the Talmudic processes involved. See eg: SICK: Gloria Steinem says that allowing a human child to be born instead of murdering it will cause global warming. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/SICK-Gloria-Steinem-says-that-allowing-a-human-child-to-be-born-instead-of-murdering-it-will-cause-global-warming.shtml

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilise Society.  See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Gloria-Steinem-How-the-CIA-Used-Feminism-to-Destabilize-Society.shtml

Faux-Feminist's Ridiculous "Women Under Siege" Syria Map CIA Asset Gloria Steinem's "Women Under Siege" Joins Syrian Propaganda Campaign. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Faux-Feminist-s-Ridiculous-Women-Under-Siege-Syria-Map-CIA-Asset-Gloria-Steinem-s-Women-Under-Siege-Joins-Syrian-Propaganda-Campaign.shtmlABORTION WESTERN CIVILIZATION

May 26, 2017 - Electric Universe Theories, Importance of Open Mind Science Debate with Wallace Thornhill

Ron: A major difficulty encountered in this discussion and in almost all discussions about erroneous paradigms in science and virtually everything else in our Khazar dominated world is that people are either unaware of, or afraid to identify, the root cause of the false narratives that control every avenue of human knowledge on this planet. This difficulty is apparent in this interview in that Wallace Thornhill and Sarah Westall talk about the sea of lies surrounding so-called astro-physics and quantum mechanics, and virtually all of our science and history without even touching upon the fact that the situation has been engineered by Pharisees and neo-Pharisees currently masqueraiding as Jews. This phenomenon is said to have been described by Voltaire who allegedly said in effect: 'To ascertain who controls society find out who you are not allowed to criticise.'.

Human/Animal Rights
May 25, 2017 - iMinds: Total Technology and Human Evolution- Mari Swingle

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Nigel Farage speech to mainstream media leaves them in stunned silence

16' 20" video published by RobinHoodUKIP on May 21, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qPy051z_PE

Speech by Nigel Farage on the 16th December 2016 to the worlds deluded mainstream media conference.

True US History
May 25, 2017 - Jason Chaffetz Slams FBI Assistant Director ► You Are Hereby Served!

True US History
May 25, 2017 - Seth Rich bombshells will put nooses around their necks

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Robert Mueller: The Old Fixer Is Back In Town

By every indication thus far, Robert Mueller was the first choice of Deep State to further the soft coup against the Trump administration.  His extensive "insider" resume reflects an intelligence community operative who is willing to protect the system at all costs.

There is very little in Mueller's background that reflects any degree of personal honesty or professional integrity.  By all appearances, he is a hardened agent of Deep State willing to provide a deceptive veneer of respectability to the totally corrupt institution known as the FBI.  Hence, as the perfect political pawn that he surely is, the nation is likely to witness a soon-to-be corrupted investigative process...and ongoing witch hunt.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Details Emerge On The Manchester Blowback From Britain's Terror Support

All these attacks by Takfiris, in Paris, in Brussels, Berlin and Manchester as well as in Libya, Syria and Iraq, have their ideological roots in Wahhabism, the extreme version of Salafist Islam promoted in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The roots of such terrorism are in Riyadh and Doha and will have to be fought there.

But the Saudi and Qatari rulers pay extraordinary amounts of protection money in the form of weapon purchases from British and U.S. companies. As long as they keep doing so they will be kept in place as useful props in the bigger scheme.

For the ruling classes in Britain and elsewhere the victims in Manchester are just collateral damage in their quest to rule the world with help of the Wahhabi storm troopers.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - How the British Deep State Turned Manchester into al-Qaeda Town UK

It is important to remember that in 2011, the British Home Secretary, the cabinet level position responsible for fighting crime and terrorism was none other than current UK Prime Minister Theresa May who faces a General Election on the 8th of June.

The level of responsible that the UK government bears for turning a once great British city into a kind of jihadist fortress is in a word: monumental.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Libya: the Only thing George W. Bush and Tony Blair got Right

Gaddafi attempted to appeal to the western head, knowing by then that the west had no collective heart and said that if Libya falls, al-Qaeda would have free access to Europe via the Mediterranean that Libya had sealed off with its highly professional security services.

Europe is now paying the price for not listening to Gaddafi. They are also, oddly paying the price for not listening to George Bush and Tony Blair who in a rare moment of honesty (albeit not ncessarily a sincere one), embraced Libya and credited Gaddafi with being an ally against terrorism.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Terror Distracts from Traitors Within

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Australia-as-Concierge: the Need for a Change of Occupation

Ron: I understand that Universe Management's Space Fleet will prevent a nuclear war on this planet because nukes can devastate souls as well as material bodies. It follows that there will be  NO major nuclear first strikes by the US or any other nation. However, limited use of mini and micro nukes may be possible. But whether mini nukes can be used or not, Australians need to assume that Pine Gap and other US bases in Australia would be prime targets for destruction by Russia and China IF the US and its Australian mercenary military vassal seek to attack either or both of those nations or their allies. There would be no need for Australian infrastructure and civilians not directly associated with Pine Gap or other joint US cum Australian military bases to be attacked and they won't be. Any war initiated by the US or the global Deep State against Russia, China or Iran would be of very short duration with the military forces used by the US and/or the global Deep State being very quickly defeated.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - The Manchester Terror Attack — ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?’

Ron: This appears to be a typical Deep State False flag event. There seems to be very little video footage evidencing a massive bomb blast and appropriate carnage. But whether the "event" is largely staged bullshit or a real, massive, "terrorist" bombing, the timing is obviously designed to drown out public discussion of the implications of the Seth Rich murder disclosures in the US and to assist Theresa May to win the coming "snap" UK election, as well as to enable the UK to impose further draconian Police State measures. And of course this "event" is meant to further ramp up the bullshit Talmudic meme about 'Moozlums' "hating us sooo much", in furtherance of the Talmudists' desire to foment a war between Christians and Muslims as Albert Pike predicted in his letter to Mazzini in 1871.

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Trump’s Foreign Tour: the Clouds Surrounding Saudi Arabia Are Breaking Up

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Rosenstein and Mueller: the Regime Change Tag-Team

Since the 11 September attacks, the FBI has employed more than 15,000 confidential informants nationwide. And, according to Aaronson, for each official informant there are as many as three unofficial informants - known within the FBI as "hip pockets." By 2011, the Justice Department had prosecuted more than 500 individuals on terrorist charges, a handful of whom Aaronson categorizes as "actual terrorists." The rest were hatched within the context of FBI sting operations, informants and agents provocateur.....What Aaronson discovered was that, far from preventing terrorism, the FBI uses its funds to "manufacture" terrorists out of marginalized, desperate, mentally ill or immature men (many of the convicted individuals profiled are in their early twenties). In Aaronson's words, "The FBI has been effective at creating the very enemy it is hunting."....Taking his readers through several FBI sting operations, Aaronson reveals a sordid practice in which the FBI often employs criminals to infiltrate Muslim communities to turn otherwise powerless malcontents into "terrorists." According to Aaronson's accounts, these so-called terrorists would have no more than the capability to mouth off in a chat room if it weren't for the inert weapons and cash that informants would literally place in their hapless hands, thus creating "bogeymen from buffoons."...

Aaronson's book is a powerful portrait of the FBI's insidious and destructive counterterrorism program that enables the contortion of the innocuous into the threatening, ruining hundreds of lives in its wake." ("FBI's penchant for "manufacturing terrorists" probed in new book" by Trevor Aaronson, Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada) - Mike Whitney

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - How Did Jakarta's Mayor End up In Jail ?

Political Information
May 25, 2017 - Independent Journalists Reveal America's Sinister War in Syria

" The special interests promoting regime change in Syria have a decades-long track record of deceiving the public, dividing and destroying nations, and leaving a path of destruction cutting across entire regions of the planet. While Western audiences are tempted to believe Western narratives regarding Syria in pursuit of US-backed regime change, nations like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine smolder in the ruination of Western military intervention. By adding up the big picture, it is clear that alternative media sources are providing invaluable insight into global conflict the Western media has systematically and intentionally covered up for years."

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Australian hemp growers ready for good times as industry expands
Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new undercover video
POLE SHIFT HAPPENING Retired Military Man FACTS Extinct Level Event!
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The Activities Around Trump's Foreign Policy Are Scandalous - But The Media Won't Tell You Why
2011 Interviews which Raylan did with David Sale of OITC, mp3
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Australian hemp growers ready for good times as industry expands
Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new undercover video
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A Search for God 1 & 2, Pdf's
Translated Material
Serafín Mensaje 299: EL PODER DE NO SABER
Seraphin Botschaft 301: LASST DER MUSIK FREIEN LAUF