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Translations - Others
Jan 24, 2018 - Italian: Visione Meditativa 168: GLI SCHIAVI CHE NON ERANO

Di Rosie

Political Information
Jan 24, 2018 - The Kids the World Forgot

True US History
Jan 24, 2018 - Meet Field's Sister, Kristine Marcy (Sister Abel, Brother Cain)

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Davos: Indian Prime Minister Says Attacks on Globalism Must Be Stopped

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - AV7 - Field McConnell - Hillary Clinton's connection to 9/11... revealed!

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - The CDC, Vaccination And The Deep State

The good news is that the tide is slowly turning. The populace is steadily losing its faith in government. Autism rates continue to rise and parents are able to access extensive independent medical research to understand the real dangers of vaccines. A fundamental reason why parents increasingly refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children is quite simple; the cartel of pharmaceutical-friendly bureaucrats writing the nation's healthcare policies has been losing the public's trust.

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - 1.23 - EQs/Secret Societies/Memos/40% vs. 100% Disclosure

Jordan Sather: Being "Red Pilled" is a never ending process. It's a continuous process. You continually deconstruct your own belief system... Can we ever get full disclosure on everything?... We would start understanding our humanity's place among other species in this Cosmos. We would understand where we come from, from an ancient historical standpoint... Expand your thinking. And always expand. Don'r ever think that you have the biggest picture perspective that you can. Just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger with your thoughts; and, DO IT IN A LOGICAL WAY. Of course we're all going to get emotional with this. Angry, Upset. You've every right to be angry and upset with this shit going on. But don't let that shut down the logical capacities of your brain. Don't let that trigger you into saying and doing shit that you might regret later, and that's not helpful. That's divisive. That's not constructive in the long run... We'll get there. Let's all do this together. Peace.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Beirut, Lebanon: “You’re Not in Turkey Anymore!”

"We have seen war... too much war. We desire peace. To have peace we must live together as one people. The new government says so. We support our government." - Taxi driver on the streets of Beirut....Many speak English due to three languages being required in Lebanese colleges: Arabic, English and an elective language of a student's choice. Literacy is high and politics is spoken freely. As such, the traveler feels at home, safe...and very welcome... The Americans and their manufactured minions of war refuse to leave and the Israelis are preparing to invade their country again - for the fifth time - via their southern border. For the moment, most areas here are safe and visitors have very little to fear, but this can again change, as before, at the whim of these two foreign powers...

Yes, all Lebanese want peace. The problem is, that peace is not up to them. As seen in Syria, the Western powers care not at all for peace, a nation's sovereignty, nor human life. These shattered scenes here, in what was once called the "Paris of the Middle East," provide an ever-present reminder-a warning- of this horrible truth...The cops and the military, however, are pleasant. They watch their areas carefully, but are friendly and readily smile and chat with passersby, often in front of the backdrop of the bullet-riddled buildings, and treat strange reporters the same way despite the language barrier. They are everywhere in Beirut, but do not harass or intimidate. They smoke, chat and seem relaxed while holding their rifles that do not leave their hands...but they do not sit...A military that shows itself regularly, as on this night, to be... an Army for the People. - Brett Redmayne-Titley

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - US Secrets, Lies and Confusion in the North of Syria

The announcements and denials of the Trump administration concerning military developments in the North of Syria reveal a heavy secret. Paradoxically, Turkey has come to the assistance of the United States to correct « the error » of their superior officers.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Macedonia By Any Other Name – A New NATO Pigeon

My point here is not to regurgitate my own philosophies on what might have been had Yugoslavia remained intact. Instead, I reflect only to show how geo-policy from Washington and its satraps has never diverged. Mission critical in Macedonia is the same strategy as any other intercedence. Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring - there is no letup. America's hegemony is running guns and diverting energy and profits, just like always. The media connivances though, they have become more complex, more effective, and refined by the PR wizards backing the liberal order. So, the Washington Post, Reuters, the European branches of the "machine", and even the international press agencies tailor the message. The ambassadors convey the will of western oligarchs, and the US war machine is merged with the money and influence team. Macedonia hasn't got a chance now in my view. Russia doesn't need the stepping stone, so the future of a struggling former Yugoslavian province has to kiss NATO butt or just fade away.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Russian Military Arranges Return of 9,500 Refugees to Syria’s Rif Dimashq Province

Russia is apparently doing more to keep refugees out of Europe than Angela Merkel

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Unless Erdogan Stops Spitting in Trumps Face the US/Turkey Alliance Will End ?

Noah Feldman is quite the spin doctor!

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - "Calls Upon" Trickery - How Europe Cheats On Iran's Nuclear Agreement

The European claim now that they want to press Iran on ballistic missiles to prevent Trump from ripping the nuclear agreement apart. This claim is obviously false. The same three Europeans attempted to press Iran on ballistic missiles, in circumvention of the nuclear deal, way before anyone but Trump himself dreamed that he might become President of the United States.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Infowars Releases Secret FISA Memo

Update: Despite media claims to the contrary, our congressional sources confirmed that the below memo documenting NSA spying on US citizens serves as a primary source of information for the Nunes summary memo:

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency

Paul Craig Roberts: As informed people know, 95% of the information that is classified is for purposes that have nothing to do with national security. The House Intelligence Committee memo has no information in it related to any security except that of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, the DNC, and the presstitute media. The logical assumption is that every member of Congress opposed to informing the American public of the Russiagate conspiracy to unseat the President of the United States is being blackmailed by the security agencies who planned, organized, and implemented the conspiracy against the President of the United States and American democracy.

Ron: I disagree. Many members of Congress are no doubt being blackmailed but a very substantial number of them appear to been involved in criminal behaviour and they also fear exposure in any event.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Carillion Scandal – “Small Companies to Get a Penny Back for Every Pound they are Owed”

As TruePublica reported a few days ago, the vultures were already overhead as far back as 2015. Hedge funds had been waiting to cash in on Carillion's collapse and ended up raking in hundreds of millions from the debacle. "Marshall Wace - whose co-founder Sir Ian Marshall was a major leave backer in the Brexit campaign - was the biggest winner as Carillion's shares tumbled last July after a profit warning. Its bet made a tidy profit on paper of £19.1 million pounds in just three days." - True Publica

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Apple & The Guardian: Partners In A Death Spiral

Jonathon Cook: There is not a hint of scepticism or suggestion that Cook and Apple are using the schools coding programme to promote their products among a captive and impressionable audience, and to counter growing concerns - even among those in the hi-tech industries - that the social media integral to Apple products is designed to be addictive and damaging to children...

Please do not think I am so naive as to believe that either Cook or Apple could operate in any other way in what is a dog-eat-dog corporate business world. This is not criticism of them for being who they must be in a global competition in which one either devours or is devoured.

Ron: BUT, be aware that this global competitive business model is an artificial construct that is part of the money meme designed and imposed on our world by Talmudic bankster controllers and kept in place by their control of most governments and mega trans-national corporations, and the global mass media and entertainment industries.

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - The Secret Navy Behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii

Ron: Discernment required.In my opinion Corey Goode is an unreliable information source but William Tompkins has provided valid evidence that the corporate adjuncts to the US military have been developing genuine space craft since the 1960s. Moreover, as the DOD and HUD have been assessed as being unable to account for 21 TRILLION USD since the early 1990s alone, it is possible that the Deep State controlled CIA has developed a Dark Naval capability involving ballistic missile capable nuclear submarine(s). It is also possible that the Deep State has developed a Dark Space Fleet and its own terrestial airforce. Such weaponry could account for the apparent recent missile attacks reported in Hawaii and Japan. It could also account for the mysterious happening reported to be occurring in "the Heavens" over Russia, Canada, the US and elsewhere. QAnon implies that there's a war going on and these occurrances would be consistent therewith.



Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Ministry of Truth: UK Govt to Set up ‘Rapid Response’ Fake News Unit

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - Fordham Law Professor Tells African Americans to Claim Blackness as a ‘Disability’

A law professor from Fordham University argues that African Americans should be allowed to present their blackness as a recognized legal disability to better combat inequalities and prejudice.
"Blackness in the United States has an independent disabling effect distinct from the effects of socioeconomic status," Kimani Paul-Emile has written in an upcoming articletitled "Blackness as Disability" for the Georgetown Law Journal.

Via email, College Fix reporters asked her whether Hispanics or other minorities could also claim disabilities... - Thomas D Williams

Ron: Presumably people with brown skin colouring could claim disability on a sliding scale, dependant on the degree of dark skin pigmentation...

True US History
Jan 23, 2018 - 1/22, #STAYATHOME: Q WARNS Deep State Intelligence-- We See/Know Everything

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - New “Conscience And Religious Freedom Division” Established At U.S. Health And Human Services

Jan 23, 2018 - Your Cell Phone Is a Psychotronic Weapon of Mass Mind Control

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - The Refugee Dilemma–Germany Plays Economic Chicken with Central Europe

What is becoming a game of political chicken between Brussels, backed by especially France and Germany, to force mandatory refugee quotas on the member states of eastern Europe could prove very risky for above all Germany, the strongest economy in the EU. The very states Berlin is pressuring to join its refugee policy-Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic-far from being helpless banana republics or economically in dire straits-as a group, the so-called Visegrád Group, constitute Germany's largest trading partner, larger as a group than France or China.

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Proof Surfaces Insurance Co Pays Massive Bonuses to Doctors for Vaccinating Babies

The program specifies that patients under the age of 2 must receive 24 inoculations for the doctor to receive the $400 per-patient payout. Notice the list includes the flu vaccine, even though evidence suggests that the flu vaccine actually weakens the immune system long-term. Furthermore, during the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine's effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the CDC. - Alex Pietrowski

Political Information
Jan 23, 2018 - Syria - Some Random Oddities

A tweet:

Asaad Hanna @AsaadHannaa 4:26pm · 22 Jan 2018
Assad army dropped chlorine bombed barrels on Abo Aldhoor military base #Idlib countryside in a big attempt to take control of it.

The above is from an anti-Syrian "Media Adviser, researcher and freelance journalist" previously published or quoted by Al JazeerahThe GuardianBusiness Insider and several other outlets. His twitter account has a "Verified" mark.

There is only a tiny problem with the tweet about the Abu Duhur air base. Since Saturday the base is in government hands. Yesterday the Syrian Ministry of Defense officially announcedthe full capture of the air base. There are pictures available and videos from a Russian news outlet showing Syrian army soldiers strolling within the base. Meanwhile the fighting has moved several kilometers beyond the base limits. The Syrian Army dropping "chlorine bombed barrels" on an air base that is in the army's hands would be rather curious incident. There are no such reports from anyone else. The claim does not seem to fit reality. Then again - little of what was published from such "activist journalists" ever made any sense...

Today U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis added this gem of imperial self awareness:

We don't invade other countries, in Russia's case -- Georgia, Ukraine. That we settle things by international rule of law, you know, this sort of thing. And so I think that in terms of great power and competition. One point I want to make is we respect these as sovereign nations with a sovereign voice and sovereign decisions, and we don't think anyone else should have a veto authority over their economic, their diplomatic or their security decisions.

So one of the points I will be making just by being there is we respect these countries, and we respect their sovereignty, their sovereign decisions. - Moon of Alabama

Political Information
Jan 22, 2018 - NATO Attempts a Face Save as UN Security Council Refrains From Condemning Turkey

Political Information
Jan 22, 2018 - "Something Is Very Wrong With The Global Economy": Richest 1% Made 82% Of Global Wealth In 2017

Among the other findings: the wealth of the super-rich increased by $762 billion in just 12 months to March 2017 which is enough to end extreme poverty seven times over...
Separately, chief executives of the top five global fashion brands made in just four days what garment workers in Bangladesh earn over a lifetime...

In addition to finding that the world's richest 42 people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50% of people worldwide, a number that is fast approaching 4 billion, the report also showed that 2017 saw the biggest increase in the number of billionaires in history, with new ones created at a rate of one every two days. Their  wealth has increased by 13% a year on average in the decade from 2006 to 2015.

In other words, in 2017 the world's richest one % raked in 82% of the wealth created last year while the poorest half of the population received none, Oxfam said just hours before the world's elite prepared to mingle at the World Economic Forum in Davos and pretend to care about the plight of the world's poor. - Tyler  Durden

Supporting AH
Jan 22, 2018 - The Handy Paypal donate button

is at the bottom left of this page..  under the cluster map.  It takes any plastic far as I know.  If you wish to paypal from YOUR paypal account to our paypal account...without using the donate button... its candace@abundanthope.net.   It's on our AH SERVER mail system.


And that can easily be seen when you click on the donate button...the page shows it.  This paypal address we use for nothing else.. but those selling things will click on the donate button  and then use the address  they see to send me junk and articles.    Something I don't much appreciate actually.

True US History
Jan 22, 2018 - Trump

Political Information
Jan 22, 2018 - 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

True US History
Jan 22, 2018 - Bookmark the permalink. The rise and fall of CNN: the most busted name in news

Health and Nutrition
Jan 22, 2018 - "We are BIG PHARMA and we are Here to DISABLE YOU...

"We are BIG PHARMA and we are Here to DISABLE YOU... kill your fetuses in the womb, and ensure those who make it through the birth canal are retarded beyond repair for the remainder of their very short lives."...

Vaccines DO NOT BENEFIT anyone injected with poisonous mercury, and they all contain mercury and other DEADLY chemicals that would destroy the engine in your automobile - but it's acceptable to inject these toxins directly into a Human Being?

Health and Nutrition
Jan 22, 2018 - President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates…

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jan 22, 2018 - Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of the angel

Ron: For all those who grieve as a result of the demonic Anglo-US "War on Drugs".

Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of the Angel (4' 33" video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SiylvmFI_8

Jackie Evancho - Angel (from PBS Great Performances)(3' 43" video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwSd6pd5UAQ

True US History
Jan 22, 2018 - 15-Year-Old British Lad Revealed To Have Given Trump Roadmap To Destroy “Deep State”

Ron: Discernment required. -  #ReleaseThe Memo

Political Information
Jan 22, 2018 - FBI "Loses" Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents

The explanation for the gap was "misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI's collection capabilities."

True US History
Jan 22, 2018 - Why Have the Democrats Really Shut Down the Government ?

For the uninitiated, the "FISA Memo" will expose so much naked criminality and corruption on the part of the Democratic Party, DOJ, FBI and Obama administration that it may very well end their little party-forever!

The "FISA Memo" is actually that calamitous where it concerns the conspiracy to commit felony crimes by high-level officials and political appointees, mostly Democrats and their agents.

Political Information
Jan 22, 2018 - The Storm, Week 13: Transitition

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - Mattis says Turkey Warned Pentagon Before Attacking US-backed Kurds

"Turkey is a NATO ally. It's the only NATO country with an active insurgency inside its borders. And Turkey has legitimate security concerns," said Mattis, who noted that gains against Islamic State did not soothe Turkey's concerns over a breakaway Kurdish state on territory.

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - Update: Operation Olive Branch- Turkey's Operation Against US Backed Kurdish Proxies in Syria

One thing we can say with certainty this is all "up in the air" and deadly dangerous.
The potential for this to spin out of control is very high.

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - Syria - Turks Attack Afrin, U.S. Strategy Fails, Kurds Again Chose The Losing Side

The U.S. is left with a mess. Its strategy for Syria, only announced last week, is already falling apart. Its Central Command rejected any responsibility for the Kurds in Afrin while allying with the Kurds in the east. These are the same people. The Kurdish military commander in Afrin earlier fought in Kobane. Now Turkish planes are taking off from the U.S. build Incerlik air base to bomb the Kurds in the Syrian west while U.S. tanker planes take off from Incirlik to support the U.S. alliance with the Kurds in the east.

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - JAN 21 #2 My Current Synthesis Of What We All Know, Already

Ron:  This commentator notes that Australia's Gladstone and Townsville ports are being sold to foreign owners, presumably to enable avoidance of government (ie community) oversight and control of activities therein.  The sale will eliminate community regulation and avoid transparency issues. It will also eliminate the local community's right to retain and use profits arising from use of the infrastructure involved and future commerce using it. This will enable the private corporation masquerading as the Queensland government to avoid the embarrassment that could arise if local citizens seek to question activities there. Jews OWN the Commonwealth of Australia corporation (registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission); and Talmudists also control the Taxation Department, and Federal and State Police, Judiciaries and governments; as well as the major banks and other corporations that OWN (either directly or indirectly) virtually all substantial "non-government" property in Australia NOW! Since 1789 Australia has been, and remains, a Judaic, ostensibly British, colonial possession. Having Australia's "colonial" Federal and State governments sell off community assets to foreign corporations amounts to shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic as far as Australia's sleep walking so-called citizens are concerned.

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - Shock! The Pope Is Now Openly Attacking Child Sexual Abuse Victims For “Slander”

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - President Trump Personally Jumps into Pro-Life Causes

For the first time ever, the President of the United States takes a public stand against abortion in a completely direct and unambiguous way

True US History
Jan 21, 2018 - 1.21 - Hawaii Missile/#ReleaseTheMemo/#SchumerShutdown/CIA Docs & Space Wars

Ron: Jordan Sather now thinks that the Hawaii DEFCON1 event did involve a missile takedown - possibly by Non-Earth origin space craft. Among many other things he also mentions that although we all want to have Congress RELEASE THE MEMO NOW! The fact that the memo incapsulates key aspects of the content of the 1.2 million pages of the Inspector General's Report, means there could be sound reasons for ensuring there are no errors therein that might assist the Deep State to  question its validity.

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

Political Information
Jan 21, 2018 - Russia’s top diplomat SLAMS anti-Semitism, calling it ‘the most horrible crime against humanity’

Ron: I give up. IF this is Christian Russia's official view of the HoloCost, humanity is stuffed. The US already has the Noahide laws on its books presumably Lavlov would be happy to see them made law in Russia too.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jan 21, 2018 - Religious Leaders and 'The Times' versus God

They are times when to follow God is wrong because His Word requires that you actually take responsibility for your actions.  The unexpurgated Christian Gospel, for instance, is too full of politically incorrect absolutes and mandates.  What kind of God is it Who won't let you lie, cheat, steal, hate people, treat those who disagree with you like trash?  What kind of God is it Who insists that sex is designed for bringing children into the world, an act of joy between a man and a woman whose love for each other is proof that they are ready and willing to be loving parents?  Such a God is unfit for "the times"!  And speaking the truth in these times is dubbed "hate speech."

Jan 21, 2018 - Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency, And Your DNA Is The Ultimate Antenna II

Ron: Arguably, materialists have less than 0.0000000001% grip on reality...

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Your Cell Phone Is a Psychotronic Weapon of Mass Mind Control
Everything You Are, Have Been And Ever Will Be Is About Frequency, And Your DNA Is The Ultimate Antenna II
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The CDC, Vaccination And The Deep State
Proof Surfaces Insurance Co Pays Massive Bonuses to Doctors for Vaccinating Babies
75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized
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The Kids the World Forgot
Meet Field's Sister, Kristine Marcy (Sister Abel, Brother Cain)
Davos: Indian Prime Minister Says Attacks on Globalism Must Be Stopped
Human/Animal Rights
Meet Field's Sister, Kristine Marcy (Sister Abel, Brother Cain)
Proof Surfaces Insurance Co Pays Massive Bonuses to Doctors for Vaccinating Babies
"Something Is Very Wrong With The Global Economy": Richest 1% Made 82% Of Global Wealth In 2017
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