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Human/Animal Rights
Nov 8, 2019 - Will Ferrell’s Comedy Skit About Child Trafficking is Disgusting (video)

Why does Hollywood love to joke about abusing children ? Nobody finds this funny. The very thought of this kind of stuff generates pure anger and revulsion in most people. But this his Hollywood. It lives in its own bubble. They are so drenched in this depravity that they feel comfortable joking about it. Vigilant Citizen

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 8, 2019 - Nearly 1,700 US Priests Accused of Child Sex Abuse Live Freely Among Minors

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Lebanon Uprising Unites People Across Faiths, Defying Deep Sectarian Divides

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Grand Ayatollah Sistani Warns Against U.S. Coup Plot In Iraq

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Why the Army of Reality Always Needs More Soldiers

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - ‘Russiagate’ May Be Over in the US, But in the UK it’s Just Beginning

True US History
Nov 8, 2019 - CIA Director Gina Haspel Investigating ISIS Link To Mexican Massacre Threatened By Trump Coup Forces

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 8, 2019 - Q: How Do You Freak Out A Russian?

What is happening all around cannot go on. It is time for people to speak up and become vocal. A continuation of this behavior will only quicken the pace at which the decency of Western civilization crumbles. As a societal family, it is on us to take care of the children, and one must only look around to see that the kids are not alright. Rod Dreher

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Eric Ciamarella Described Coup d’etat a.k.a the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - The End Of Money

Chris Martenson: Deflation is when there's overproduction, or too much ‘real stuff' relative to money. Prices fall, which is a perilous condition for a debt-based money system.

Ron: This statement is simplistic to the point of being disinformation in that deflation under the current Central Banking fiat debt token, pseudo money, usurious banking system is invariably created by banks reducing the amount of loans they issue so that there is a shortage of "money" circulating within Main Street society despite the fact that the population wants and needs more money in order to pay off existing loans and to buy available goods and services. In fact deflation is caused by the banks withholding "money" in order to force bankruptcies and foreclosures on loans whereat they acquire properties 'for pennies on the dollar'.

Chris Martenson: There needs to be ever more money to pay off both the principal and interest components of past loans, or else defaults start cascading through the system.

Ron: This is why the current usurious fractional reserve banking system is a Ponzi scheme. The banks NEVER create more than a small fraction of the "money" they purport to lend AND they NEVER create any "money" to pay the interest they demand on loans. Accordingly, there is always a shortage of "money" in circulation.

Chris Martenson: Do you get now why we need to be very concerned with the balance between the claims and the real stuff?

Ron: Yabba, yabba, misdirect attention away from pernicious fractional reserve usurious banking yabba.].

Chris Martenson: History is full of examples when people first forgot and then violently remembered these truths.  Through history, the balance has swung recklessly - almost chaotically - between inflation and deflation.

Ron: This amounts to disinformation. The reason that history records that the balance between inflaton and deflation swings recklessly and chaotically is because private corporate banking cartels manipulate the availability and distribution of "money" and the interest (usury) rates they charge for it. Ordinary people have no say in the matter. Governments owned and/or controlled by private banking corporations are granted free licences to create and distribute "money" and to charge interest (usury) on it without community oversight.]

Chris Martenson: Another such phase transition approaches.  These moments are billed as periods of wealth destruction, but they actually aren't.  Instead
, they are periods of wealth transfers from the unaware to the observant.

Ron: I disagree. Recessions and Depressions are deliberately created by banksters who use them to steal the wealth of the majority of the population and to transfer it to themselves and to a small cabal of associated corporatists and minions.

Chris Martenson: We're facing this approaching crisis for two main reasons. One, we're repeating the forgetfulness and hubris of previous societies. And two, the complexities of our current situation are more challenging than ever before.

Ron: Yabba, yabba, repetitive disinformation, yabba. The general population hasn't forgotten, it has always been ignorant of the truth. And the so-called complexities of our current situation are a product of the distortions and false rhetoric promulgated by banksters and commentators.

Chris Martenson: When is the right time to act as if these limits matter to our future welfare? Not now! is the rally cry of the Federal Reserve and other central banks.  Their remit begins and ends with fostering more credit growth as fast as possible. Full stop.

Ron: The banks HAVE to do this until their Ponzi scheme inevitably implodes.  Fiat "money" schemes usually only last 40-50 years. The current Petro-dollar fiat "money" scheme started in 1971.

Chris Martenson: Further, there's nobody of any consequence who has the requisite vision or leadership to stomach such a period of tough decisions.

Ron: I disagree. Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their allies KNOW what is coming and are working to ensure that the current global Central Banking system is eliminated and that the damage caused by the transition to gold backed currencies created by individual national Treasuries is minimised.

Chris Martenson: It will be something of a miracle if the next US presidential election doesn't open the MMT floodgates, which would only accelerate the pace of currency debasement.

Ron: I disagree. As we are now in the Millennial Reign of Christ Michael Aton, the US and all nations in our world will transition to a sound gold backed national money system once the current global Central Banking system is eliminated.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 8, 2019 - "Like a Dog Chasing his Tail for Eternity and Never Hearing the Tale."

It's just a bump in the road my friends. The previous century and more, has been a Grand Guignol of horrific murders and pillaging, the like of which had never been previously seen. Even in the times of Tamerlane and the Khans's, it did not reach anything like the scale of what has most recently passed. Now... the befuddlement and somnambulism are destined to fade like the morning dew upon the grass because another sun, a spiritual sun, is set to shine upon the human heart and mind and all things are to be made Gnu.  Les Visible

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - EU Anti-Semitism Apparatchik Calls For Jews To Have Police Protection ‘Anywhere’ They Go

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Adam Schiff Makes Up New Rules for Impeachment Inquiry; Restricts Republican Witness Questions

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Deep State On The National Security Council: Colonel Vindman Is An "Expert" With An Agenda

True US History
Nov 8, 2019 - An Obituary of the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts: Everyone can claim to be a victim except white male heterosexuals. They are branded "exploiters" of everyone else, and they are unable to get out of this trap. In the Western World white heterosexual males face the same fate as the bourgeoisie under Lenin. A white heterosexual male who defends himself or his fellows is immediately branded a misogynist or a white supremacist. Increasingly courts treat white heterosexual males as if they are members of a criminal class.
We now live in a world in which a self-declared "victim" can block truth, because truth offends them. The offended are able to get the truth-teller fired and removed from employment. His crime is that he exercised free speech. Today free speech is the most sure path to self-destruction for a white heterosexual male...In the UK and many European countries, announcements of university employment openings are restricted to women and to people of color. This is blatant discrimination against white heterosexual males, a group unprotected by anti-discrimination laws and thus subject to discrimination...

Some white males are part of the Woke Generation, and the insouciant race and gender traitors are sealing their own fate along with that of white men. They have to pander to the ruling ideologies in order to have an income. Consider the white males on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, Washington Post, NY Times, and the rest of the Western presstitute media. If they tell the truth, their career is ended. They have to lie and to demonize Russians, Trump, and white heterosexual males in order to have a pay check.

Ron: This situation didn't just happen. Nor is it maintained by happenstance. It is the result of the deliberate policies of the Talmudic banksters and corporatists who constitute the global control cabal. To force compliance from the traitors managing and servicing governments, judiciaries, security services, universities, education systems and the MSM etc requires control of the global money supply. Guess who has had that control for hundreds of years? It ain't eskimos...

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - Constitution Under Attack: Article V Convention Greater Threat Than Open Attacks

True US History
Nov 8, 2019 - Religious Liberty Sacrificed for Abortion “Rights”

C Mitchell Shaw: Many opponents of the rule also claimed that it would have opened the door for healthcare providers to refuse basic medical care to the homosexual and "transgender" people who make up the "LGBTQ community."

Ron: Really?! WHY? Homosexual activities cannot produce babies and abortions do not constitute "basic medical care".

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - War Propaganda: “Fake News” and the Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Influence (OSI)

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 8, 2019 - Study Says LGBTQ Characters Hit Record High on Television

GLAAD is upping the stakes for the future. It's asking the industry to reach 20% representation of LGBTQ regularly seen characters on primetime scripted broadcast series by 2025, and to ensure that half of LGBTQ characters on every TV platform are people of color within the next two years.   An estimated 4.5% of adults in the United States, approximately 11.3 million people, identify as LGBTQ, according to new analysis by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.   For the first time in the study's history, the percentage of regularly seen and recurring female LGBTQ characters on broadcast TV exceeded the male characters, 53% to 47%.  Breitbart News

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - US Congressional Panel Plots Next Phase of Dirty War on Syria: Occupy Oil Fields & Block Reconstruction

True US History
Nov 8, 2019 - CIA Chief Meets With King Salman Day After Saudi Twitter Spies Outed

Political Information
Nov 8, 2019 - When Is A Whistleblower, Not A Whistleblower ?

Political Information
Nov 7, 2019 - Rigged Again? Dems, Russia, & The Delegitimization Of America's Democratic Process

Political Information
Nov 7, 2019 - Deep State: Shadow Government Revealed- Senior Executive Service

The Deep State is deeper and wider than most people know, and instead of being hidden and secret it seems to be public and filled with well-paid Obama hold-overs. Unqualified, political appointees control the new Presidential appointees and the standard bureaucracy below them.   It is hard to believe, and may leave a person outraged, witnessing the audacity of career government employees and the corruption of the systems politicians have put in place. Deep State cronyism built upon graft and obfuscation fills the Senior Executive Service.  Anonymous Patriots

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 7, 2019 - Life After Death: A Debate

Ron: As I understand it, the cosmos is an expression of mind. Without mind nothing can exist. Mind energy radiates everywhere. It penetrates and permeates everything. In that sense everything has a level of consciousness. But although everything in Creation is manifested and sustained by Mind, not everything is a medium for thought manifestation.

The human body is a collection of energies that are the result of thought. Similarly, all human experiences in the physical are the result of thought and so our world is created by our thoughts and the thoughts of others. The aggregation of those thoughts also creates a morphogenetic planetary mind that influences us all.

Physical space and all beings only exist as a result of thought because thought is the genesis of everything. In effect we live in a mental landscape created by our spirits and that of others. Thoth puts it thus:


We will talk about those other things after but let us focus on the topic at hand…

Energy and Light.

You are aware that what you see before you is a projection of energy onto light particles…it is what you call a hologram…you have been reading about that recently and you have been guided to that information so that it will open your mind to the concepts and help you understand better so that you can impart …it also provided certain level activations consistent with the coming into such information...


Holographic expressions …are projections which are interpreted by the human body via what you think are your 5 senses…but you too, are a holographic expression that act as a walking, talking and breathing transmission device …I am sorry to be so cold in such a description...but in a nutshell that is what you are…where you reside is not where you think you do…you reside in the non-local parts of the creator’s world …you have a projection here for purposes of testing and learning. Very much like a probe of sorts...which allows the Grand Creator an opportunity to ‘sense’ what it is like to be in such a dimension.

Indeed it is the same throughout….when we say that we are ALL one…it means just that…you are many different aspects of the One...if you could wrap your mind around that, to borrow an expression from your culture…you would be able to appreciate the magnitude of this learning experience of which you are a sensitive part...sensitive in the sense that the Creator experiences through you through your senses, which you have so graciously given unto him/her.


Now, Energy in your world is made up of particles beyond what you can presently see...what you do see are reflections under certain conditions …reflections of these particles …they come in and out of the creative matrix... (Yes you may use those words)…the particles that come in and out of this matrix are sensitive to your thoughts and feelings…these particles are also fleeting. So that if enough intention is not generated then the particles void themselves before they can assume tangible form in your world….

This is in a nutshell the concept of creation…Therefore, the energy that abounds within and without is the ‘magic’ that is used to create…it is again formed of particles of Light which are invisible to the Human eye…but become visible when intent is strong and sustained…and because your world is a hologram, as the thoughts are held, they are projected from the non-local perspective into the void via the senses and take shape…but it is Light which causes the forms’ reflection back to you…Everything without is within…you have heard that many times….but let me remind you again…All the components for manifestation in your hologram is already stored within you… the you in the non-local position…therefore …

End 10:27am

1th July, 2007 4:32 Pm...


Thoth - I will re-start with conveying to you the different stages of the Human relationship to energy...

In the early days, before the Human developed technological abilities to effect change to his perception of the world, his response to his thoughts on how to change the physical characteristics of his environment, required him to employ physical and manual labour.

His next step as he thought of manipulating his environment, was to tie his physical labour with the labour of Animals to effect change in his world.

As his interface with his physical environment grew more complex and demanding, he effected change with a mix of manual and rudimentary mechanical energy.

As the Human evolved in awareness, he moved from physical to mechanical to electronic to robotic. Bear in mind this movement took hundreds of years in your time and there were many steps in between the four milestone steps outlined.

Now this is important to note…man effected change to the material universe utilizing methods which are rooted in Man’s LIMITED interpretation of his environment from a 3D perspective.

During his movements in development, Man was always granted hints and visions of potentials through the posting of specific information to certain individuals who came unto the planet for precisely that reason.


It would be what you refer to as ‘quantum leaps’ in consciousness – those junctures in time as you know it which separated one process of manipulating the physical environment from the other as in the case of moving from mechanical to electronic usage of energies to effect change within the physical environment.

This was specifically timed in the Human’s development process and even though it appeared as a normal graduation from one level to the other, upon closer inspection, one must realize that there was some influx of epic thought energy to propel the process forward.


You see the Human ‘had to THINK’ that he needed to do something better, faster and less arduous, to create the conditions for the influx of the ‘new knowledge’ to come to the fore of his consciousness. Remember the Human is a holographic extension, ‘sensing’ its way through the learning process of the third dimensional, physically dense learning environment.

As the Human comes into re-membering more and more of itself and what he truly is, more and more of his true consciousness comes to the fore...


So it is with Creation, ever growing and expanding in awareness.


The Human has now reached on the doorstep of moving from Robotic to aerodynamic knowledge as it relates to altering the environment.


Break it down to its smallest components AERO = AIR, DYNAMISM = FORCE.

This concept seeks to harness the power (DYNAMISM) of the unseen air (AERO). Put another way, it is a concept of using thought force to manipulate “The invisible energy” which surrounds, permeates and sustains everything that is in this Creation.

I am now asking that you take a ‘QUALITATIVE LEAP’ IN YOUR THINKING NOW!!!


Aero is of Air. Can you see air? NO, but you know it exists. It surrounds you, it flows through you, it permeates everything that you know. The densest of material that you know, at the atomic levels and tinier than that, is comprised of emptiness, which is air.

You know it can be felt as the wind, it can be sensed as an aroma or as heat or as cold, you know that it moves and can reduce to mere particles of dust, anything that stands in its way.

“AIR” is static and magnetic energy which contains Light Packets of data that is responsible for reflecting back to you, your sustained thoughts as it takes shape in your holographic world.


Air is intelligent and responds to WILL, The Will of the Creator of which you carry a Divine God Code by virtue of being an extension of Creator in the Holographic world.

What is DYNAMISM – the speed or velocity of energy, THE FORCE. You have heard of this term already in reading and in your entertainment. You combine Air with force and you have aero-dynamic energy.

Why have I gone through this much explanation? It is because the extensions of Creator are now beginning to realize that there is a need to move from robotic to aero-dynamic energy to effect quantum change. To do this, requires a LEAP in consciousness to embark on this path.


You are now preparing to effect that change by utilizing the power of the mind via thought processing, to ‘manipulate’ the energetic light data particles that surround you as AIR to produce FORM in your 3D world. Are you prepared for this? Are you excited by the prospect of what is before you? It requires a RADICAL SHIFT from WHAT YOU KNOW and HOW YOU DID THINGS BEFORE, Can you rise to the challenge? It is what You ALL came here to do, again….


A word of caution at this point, your physical bodies are adapting to enhance the thought processes that are being configured to facilitate this RADICAL SHIFT IN THINKING.


This process has, in the past, appeared to those less informed, as MAGIC.

There are those who knew this Higher form of ‘Science’, for indeed, this IS highly scientific, as can be attested to by some of your quantum physicists, who are bearing this out in rudimentary research.


Some of those, who knew of this, used it against the best interests of Humankind.

As those who were involved in those practices further devolved into Service to Self behaviours, this scientific knowledge was used to engender class divisions, cult worship, enslavement of the mass majority and warfare which ended in destruction.


You are being ‘purged’ of all the shadow elements which you acquired on your various sojourns to this density and dimension, as you grounded your energies for purposes of interacting in this time/space, in fulfillment of your Divine purposes.


In the process of ‘grounding,’ you ‘took on’ bits and pieces of those energies that had proven not to be in the best interest of the ALL. This was a natural process in the grounding experience, as you adapted to the LEARNING MISSION.


Your holographic expressions are being purged of these energies. As more Light energies fill your expressions that have been purged of these pockets of random shadow energies, you begin to open up your memory banks to re-member WHO YOU REALLY ARE.


When Light energy fills the Human expressions of Creator, a natural downloading of Light packet data takes place. This in turn activates your imbedded SOLAR cells (Yes, Solar cells) and further activates your memory codes and you start to remember, slowly at first, but as your expression is ’purged’ even more and as more Light particles fill the areas which formally contained the purged energies, the sheer magnitude of the incoming Light particles, the proximity to already established Light particles in the human expression and the natural sympathetic behaviours that are expressed between these Light particles force an ignition and illumination of the Human expression, which causes a QUALITATIVE LEAP in the Human’s knowingness of its oneness with CREATIONthe memory comes back on-line in a much improved capacity than before.

Ref: Energy and Light - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Leonette_112/Energy_and_Light_3034.shtml


Although we interact daily with the physical world we live in our thoughts, our minds, our own mental space. Our external world is essentially a manifestation and medium for the expression of our inner, mental world. So, as we think we become, because we live in our own unique mental landscape shaped by our own perceptions and understandings. But our mental landscape is not a closed isolated system. Expressions of the thoughts of others that are allowed to enter our mental world can and do help to shape its manifestation. The degree of that shaping depends on the extent of our awareness and conscious choices. Our thoughts are also influenced by the global genetic mind that has developed over aeons; and the thoughts of those around us.

However, as Thoth indicates, because of our ever growing and expanding awareness, ensouled humans are on the brink of taking a qualitative leap in thinking that will lead to discovering the components for manifestation stored within our hologram. This will result in a quantum leap in consciousness.

Not everything can think. Rocks, trees, schrubs and flowers etc have an element of consciousness but arguably they do not think. In order to think a thing has to have a dynamic connection to the mind of the Creator so that it can receive and interpret the conscious energies coming from the Creator. Animals have varying degrees of consciousness depending on their level of energetic physical development. Some higher animals like elephants, whales and dolphins can develop the consciousness levels attainable by humans.

Ensouled human beings have “brain receptors” in the head, heart and gut which are capable of interpreting signals coming from their indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness and other spirit beings.

The quality of mind exhibited by a human is generally influenced by the degree of active DNA connections the individual has because DNA serves as a connecting bridge between the level of physical existence and the non-local level of Mind.

But higher DNA connection levels are no guarantee of right thinking and positive thought manifestation. Why? Because humans have been gifted with free will, namely the ability to choose or reject Creation and the gift of eternal life. The exercise of free will enables us to make inappropriate choices which is what causes the misery and chaos evident in our world. Presumably most inappropriate choices are mistakes due to ignorance and that is why humans need myriad incarnations to eventually understand the truth about life, the universe and everything so that they can begin to ‘fly right’.

However, free will also enables humans to choose to reject the Creator’s gift of eternal life and some do.

Nov 7, 2019 - Italy’s Leftist Government to Indoctrinate Schoolchildren in ‘Climate Change’

True US History
Nov 7, 2019 - Impeachment Coup Against Trump Warned Paves The Path To Jail For Top Obama-Clinton Officials

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 7, 2019 - Atheists Sound the Alarm: Decline of Christianity is Seriously Hurting Society

Jonathon Van Maren: There is a very real possibility, he noted, that our modern concept of human rights, based as it is on a Judeo-Christian foundation, [Ron: Jews are Talmudists. Talmudists believe that non-Jews are animals to be used and abused at will by Talmudists. See eg: The Noahide Pandemic - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/The-Noahide-Pandemic.shtml The modern concept human rights as promulgated by Talmudist created and dominated UN do have a Judaic foundation BUT real unalienable God-given human rights have a foundation in the teachings of Jesus the Christ who totally opposed the Pharisees and their Talmudic (Judaic) values.

True US History
Nov 7, 2019 - 7-year-old whose mom tried to ‘transition’ him chooses to attend school as a boy

Political Information
Nov 7, 2019 - Donald Trump and The Art of Political Warfare

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 7, 2019 - Statue of Ancient God of Child Sacrifice put on display in Rome

Political Information
Nov 7, 2019 - 'Omniviolence' Is Coming And The World Isn't Ready

Phil Torres: How can societies counterattack omniviolence? One strategy could be a superintelligent machine-essentially, an extremely powerful algorithm-that's specifically designed to govern fairly. We could then put the algorithm in political charge and, insofar as it governs as something like a "Philosopher King," not worry constantly about the data collected being misused or abused.

Ron: This suggestion is ridiculous. It evidences just how spiritually and psychically sick human society on this planet has become. The demonic controllers of this planet have pushed the environment and Gaia's inhabitants to the brink of destruction. Suggestions like this one, and their stated justification, typify the reason that Christ Michael Aton and his Universe Managment team has instituted the Millennial Realm which will ensure that all demonic negative energies are removed from Gaia to be replaced by a Christed administration for a thousand years.

Phil Torres: Perhaps a completely new idea will emerge that can preserve the current system-if we even want it preserved.

Ron: The current system is totally corrupt and cannot be preserved. The problem is not technology but inadequate human spiritual development. To survive on this planet humans will have to grow in awareness of the truth about self and others which will result in the evolvement of higher levels of consciousness that will enable the continuation of life on here.

Phil Torres: Civilization is an experiment. We may not get the results we're expecting. So humanity would do well to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Ron: We are currently experiencing "the worst" that the demonic global controllers can create, with our acquiescence. The Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters and global allies are currently removing the demonic cabal from power in the US and globally. There may be some paroxysms of evil False Flag events as the cabal is defeated but very soon the Talmudic banksters and corporatists and their minions will be defeated and removed.

True US History
Nov 7, 2019 - diGenova and Toensing on Upcoming IG Report: “it’s going to be worse than you can imagine”…

True US History
Nov 7, 2019 - From Orwell to Huxley: Grim Prospects of Truth-Telling

Henry Kamens: Mark Twain once said, "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." But the wise Mark Twain could also not imagine the dystopian world we live in today, where the only alternative is not to read anything and not to trust anything, as much of news has been turned into mindless entertainment... The lesson to others is clear: challenge the global US military empire and you will be destroyed.

Ron: This superficial assessment is part of the problem in that it reinforces the blurring of truth telling by the so-called 'more independent media' by its ignorant, lazy and/or cowardly regurgitation of the commonplace conventional wisdom that the issue is merely the US empire's militarism. Today even Blind Freddy must realise that US militarism and the global dystopia in which USans and the rest of the planet live is created by Talmudic global control of usurious banking and through it the Talmudic corporatist control of most governments and trans-national corporations. See eg: How Interlinked Corporations Rule The World. - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/How-Interlinked-Corporations-Rule-The-World.shtml

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run- Vanguard - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Corporate-Transnational-Warlord-Pirates-Are-On-the-Run--Vanguard.shtml

The corporate stranglehold on food and agriculture. - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Health_and_Nutrition_37/The-corporate-stranglehold-on-food-and-agriculture.shtml

The USA Isn’t a Country, It’s a Corporation! - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/The-USA-Isn-t-a-Country-It-s-a-Corporation.shtml

Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Corporations-Masquerading-as-Government-in-Australia-World-Wide.shtml

Henry Kamens: However, the greatest threat is over the organization of society and the lack of "thinking beings." The system, including how education is allocated makes sure that those who question the most are afforded the least conducive environment for learning.

Ron: Moreover, this cultural Marxist destruction of US and Western education and its academic and scientific systems didn't just happen. It has been assiduously fosted, funded and implemented by Talmudists since Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto. As regards the US see eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II – Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/Dumbing_Down_US_Education_Part_II_Wundtian_Psychol_3877.shtml

General Education Board, Occasional Papers, Issues 1-9, New York, 1913, 6, http://books.google.com/books?id=QzhDAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Charlotte-Iserbyt-The-Miseducation-of-America-Part-1-Full.shtml

Henry Kamens: A democracy depends on the individual voter making an intelligent and rational choice for what he regards as his enlightened self-interest in any given circumstance. But attempts are being made to bypass that "rational choice" by appealing to unconscious forces below the surface - below the level of choice and reason.

Ron: In any event any democracy based on universal suffrage of everyone of any arbitrarily nominated age but especially enfranchising teenagers and others, regardless of intellect and experience, is extremely problematic. WHY? Because such people are easily influenced by oligarchs whose wealth enables them to own the MSM and other media and to buy the services of politicians, bureaucrats, police, security services and the judiciary et al. To have any chance of success governance arrangements need to have a local, decentralised republican focus that restricts voting eligibility to adults of at least 25 years of age and younger people who have demostrated a real committment to community welfare.


Nov 6, 2019 - ‘Climate Emergency Is Real’ Warns ‘Professor Micky Mouse’ and 11,000 Other ‘Scientists’

Unfortunately for the statement's credibility, among the signatories is one "Mouse, Micky [sic], Professor, at the Micky Mouse Institute for the Blind, Namibia."- James Delingpole

True US History
Nov 6, 2019 - JUST CONFIRMED: 158 judges and counting

This quote from President Trump's speech today may be the most important:

When judges write policy instead of applying the law, they impose sweeping changes on millions of Americans without the benefit of legislative debate, public rulemaking, or the consent of the governed. As a result, these highly political rulings inflict painful damage on our security, society, and economy-imposing unworkable edicts on businesses, workers, families, and law enforcement.

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - Turkey's Continued Care For ISIS Will End Badly

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - Russiagate Is A Cult, complete with unquestionable doctrine, dissent-shaming, and us-vs-them cosmology

True US History
Nov 6, 2019 - Yes, Virginia (Dare), There IS A Deep State Conspiracy Against Trump. David Frum—Perhaps Unguardedly—Says So!

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - DOJ, Brennan Had To Have Assange Arrested, Here’s Why UK Officials Agreed

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 6, 2019 - "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you and It Begins where Your Feet Touch the Earth."

If people knew what wonders lay within, they would give it all the intensity of passion they could garner to the task. I am daily astounded by the synchronicity that manifests when one comes into harmonic accord with their own true nature. Real magic, the divine magic of life itself, stripped of all artifice and deception, blooms in every moment where before it passed unseen. How does one possibly express the beauty that is everywhere to be found? One is rendered mute. One can only watch and experience in silent appreciation and it gets better, can get better, with every passing moment.  Les Visible

True US History
Nov 6, 2019 - American Conspiracies & Cover-Ups

If these five instances of government engaging in conspiracies have been proven to be true-and they have been-isn't it logical to assume that government agencies may have engaged in other conspiracies? It is the very nature of intelligence agencies and militaries to act in secretive, conspiratorial ways.  Douglas Citignano

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 6, 2019 - "Bathroom Big Brother": Schools Are Using Apps To Track Students' Restroom Time

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - While You Slept, The US Government Created 'Internal Passports'

The answer to the question regarding what Americans will give up for a measure of security, and in this case a tremendously dubious measure of security, is now clear. Both the Federal requirement that citizens require a passport for domestic travel and the meek acceptance of it by citizens and state officials lead to an irrefutable conclusion: America is, and hasn't for some time, been the land of the free. Less is it the home of the brave. Peter Earle

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - Ron Paul Pans Law Enforcement's New Mass Surveillance Plan: Sentence First, Crime Later ?

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - All US Intel Agencies Confirm No Evidence Of Meddling In Election, Urge Everyone To Panic Nonetheless

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - Trump Is Derailing The Elite's Gravy Train

If the elitists get power again, they are never letting go of it, not without a fight. And now, doesn't the elite's obsessive fixation on shutting down conservative dissent, eliminating competing institutions (like religious entities), and disarming law-abiding Americans make a lot more sense ?  Kurt Schlichter

Political Information
Nov 6, 2019 - A Corrupt Resolution's Damning Consequences

True US History
Nov 6, 2019 - ABC Issues 'Cover Your Ass, Lawyer-Speak' Response To Bombshell Epstein Coverup Claims

Health and Nutrition
Nov 6, 2019 - UK's National Health Service To Deny Treatment To "Racists" And "Sexists"

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Global Debt Tops $188,000,000,000,000 – Officially The Biggest Debt Bubble The World Has Ever Seen
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