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Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 19, 2017 - The Madness Accelerates as the Time of The Great Summing Up Arrives.

It has occurred to me, finally, that nothing has any value unless it results in the service of, the pursuit of or the contemplation of the ineffable... or the sharing of thoughts and feelings having to do with the ineffable. Nothing else proves satisfying to me. Nothing else is anything more than a repeating pattern and certain patterns need repeating; eating (at least for the moment), sleeping (at least for the moment), breathing and anything that manifest life depends on for its continuance. At least I can do them with the divine uppermost in mind.

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - 88yo 'Nazi Grandma' gets 6 months in jail for denying Holocaust... again II

Political Information
Oct 19, 2017 - Saudi Money In Syria - Sowing The Seeds Of ISIS 2.0

ISIS was born out of the Sunni resistance against the U.S, occupation of Iraq. Around 2010/11 the resistance was perceived to be a dead force. But to others it was still a valuable anti-Shia instrument and money from the Sunni gulf regimes continued to flow. The Sunni terror groups in Iraq slowly grew back. The Obama administration saw ISIS develop but intentionally let it grow for its own political purposes. The U.S. military at times supported itin its fights against the Syrian state.

ISIS is not even completely defeated, yet the seeds for its next incarnation already get sown.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Mohamed Bin Salman’s Do or Don’t Dilemma

To put all of the above into context, MBS knows that Saudi Arabia is in deep trouble. He knows that it needs a significant change in direction if it were to survive. He knows he literally can no longer afford to buy loyalty. He has done the best he could internationally with both America and Russia. He cannot do much against Iran. He concedes that he lost the war in Syria. He still hopes to win his war on Yemen. With all said, he most importantly realizes that the continuity of the throne is at risk and he must conjure up new ways to be granted a new form of domestic loyalty.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - The 7 Key Takeaways From Xi Jinping's Vision For "A New Era" In China

During a 3½-hour long speech, Xi said the internal and external situations facing China were undergoing complicated changes which the party needed to address. Xi started with the opening remark that "the prospects are bright while the challenges are also grave", before reminding his audience of his achievements over the past five years, which included: poverty reduction, strengthening the one party rule, national security, cutting down pollution and the Belt and Road infrastructure initiatives. One can also throw in "nationalizing China's capital markets" in this list.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Thousands of Govt Docs Found on laptop of Sex Offender Married to Top Clinton Adviser

Comey said from a group of 30,000 emails, 110 in 52 chains had been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received.  Eight of those chains contained information that was ‘top secret' at the time they were sent, 36 contained ‘secret' information, and eight contained ‘confidential' information.

Health and Nutrition
Oct 18, 2017 - Madagascar Plague Outbreak Has Already Killed 57 And Infected Over 600

According to CNN, the cases were reported by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Bureau for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) in Madagascar. They include probable and suspected cases as well those that have been confirmed by laboratory tests. And while the country experiences regular outbreaks, with an estimated 400 cases of plague each year, this time things are very different, experts warn.

Health and Nutrition
Oct 18, 2017 - The Secretive Family Making Billions from the Opioid Crisis

According to the Centers for Disease Control, fifty-three thousand Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2016, more than the thirty-six thousand who died in car crashes in 2015 or the thirty-five thousand who died from gun violence that year. This past July, Donald Trump's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, led by New Jersey governor Chris Christie, declared that opioids were killing roughly 142 Americans each day, a tally vividly described as "September 11th every three weeks." The epidemic has also exacted a crushing financial toll: According to a study published by the American Public Health Association, using data from 2013-before the epidemic entered its current, more virulent phase-the total economic burden from opioid use stood at about $80 billion, adding together health costs, criminal-justice costs, and GDP loss from drug-dependent Americans leaving the workforce. Tobacco remains, by a significant multiple, the country's most lethal product, responsible for some 480,000 deaths per year. But although billions have been made from tobacco, cars, and firearms, it's not clear that any of those enterprises has generated a family fortune from a single product that approaches the Sacklers' haul from OxyContin.

Health and Nutrition
Oct 18, 2017 - Fraud, Exploitation and Collusion: America's Pharmaceutical Industry

The rot within manifested by the pharmaceutical industry almost defies description. That we tolerate this as business as usual (BAU) shows that ours is a society and economy afflicted with the sickness unto death.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Soros Go Away

Soros would oppose Donald Trump immediately after his victory, calling him a liar, a fraud and a would-be dictator. But now he is not just criticizing the new US president, he's putting almost half a billion dollars in an attempt to bring down his government, working against those companies that benefit from Trump's policies, primarily the American oil companies. As for the recent racial clashes in the United States, Soros has apparently played a role in them too.Therefore, it is not surprising that there's a petition demanding President Donald Trump to recognize billionaire George Soros as a domestic terrorist posted on the White House petitions website. It has already been signed by more than 150,000 Americans.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Globalist Counterpunch: Going for the Media Knockout

The implications here are dire. The foundations of American democracy are thrown to the dogs. Foreign governments collude with America not only to stoke the fires of new conflicts with Russia and other neighbors but at the expense of destroying the ideals that made so many free nations great. American President Donald Trump calls out for "MAGA," or making America great again, while the deep state underneath jackhammers freedoms. Facebook and the free web were supposed to be platforms of expression and free voices, and now corporations and governments nobody can trust vie for complete control. The dangers go largely uiced except on the very independent outlets targeted as "extremist."


Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Trump’s Storm Tracker, Week 2: update

Human/Animal Rights
Oct 18, 2017 - Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops—84 Kids As Young As 3 Months Freed

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Annexing Raqqa- Ethnic Cleansing & Where's ISIS ?

Why would these people stay in camps for years? If Raqqa has been liberated from ISIS, why wouldn't these people be able to get back to their homes and participate as Syrian citizens in the rebuilding of their own homes? Towns? Cities? It would give them incomes and enable their participation in their rebuilding of their communities. Very healing for all.

Clearly the agenda is exactly as I've stated - Ethnic Cleansing
Let me state what is obvious, and annoyingly so, yet again! We are talking about minimally 270,000 resident Syrians, probably more, from just one city who have been intentionally displaced in order to remake the region... Redraw borders. And present a meme of justice being served.  Oh, really?

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Kirkuk Redux was a Bloodless Offensive. Here’s why

The key, irrefutable fact on the ground is that the PMUs work side by side with the ISF. And there's nothing the Pentagon can do about it.
The impotence of the US$1 trillion US Warfare State is reflected in Pentagon spokeswoman Laura Seal's wording: despite the KRG's "unfortunate decision to pursue a unilateral referendum... we continue to support a unified Iraq." And that leads us to the definitive answer to why the Battle of Kirkuk was essentially bloodless, as Asia Times confirmed with Baghdad diplomats. It has to do with Washington's supreme bête noire: TehranQassem Soleimani, the head of the IRGC's elite Quds Force, is considered a "terrorist" all across the Beltway. But it was this "terrorist" who brokered a complex deal between the PUK, the PMUs and Baghdad to make the Kirkuk takeover as smooth as possible. Way beyond the fight against ISIS, Soleimani has been a master negotiator with Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds alike - no distinctions. No wonder Barzani had to retreat. No one wanted an Iraqi civil war.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Jewish Human Trafficker convicted of luring teenage girls into prostitution by promising drugs and alcohol sues Canadian gov Over Non-Kosher Prison Meals

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Meet the Jewish Family Making Billions From The Opioid Crisis

True US History
Oct 18, 2017 - America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Next Time, We Won’t Spare Lebanon’– Christian Media Hears Doomsday Warning From Senior Israeli Minister

‘Its infrastructure, international airport and government facilities – it’s all game,’ Naftali Bennett tells first-of-its-kind Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem. - Naftali Bennett

Ron: Surely gentile nations are entitled to use the same logic when responding to Israel's bombing and terrorist attacks on Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, the US (911 and the Oklahoma City Bombing etc) and many other places? After all, if the UN regarded such actions as war crimes it would have long since sanctioned Israel, the US and NATO and their Allies for their genocidal destruction of Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen et al; AND US drone attacks on civilians in Africa and Asia. The fact that the UN has NOT sanctioned ANY of the nations responsible for those actions evindences that it is corrupt, totally unfit for purpose, and must be abolished.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Neo-Nazi Quits Movement After Revealing He’s both Jewish and Gay

Channel 4 correspondent Paraic O’Brien wrote that “Mr. Wilshaw admits that being a Nazi who is gay – but with a Jewish background – is a contradiction.”

Ron: Jews always seek to control ALL sides of every important controversy and "movement" and often actually create them. For example, Catholicism, Capitalism, Fabianism, Communism, Bolshevism, Facism, Feminism, TeenAgeism, Political Correctness, LGBTism and all the rest.

Political Information

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Donald

Seen by daylight, the odds that a handsome, gifted, whip-smart orator with charisma to burn and two terms of the American presidency under his belt would be succeeded by a brazen, awkward, rhetorically challenged vulgarian, a force of nature with an outer-borough attitude and bad hair, are vanishingly slim.  But it happened - and, in part, because a clutch of reasonable Americans who crossed their fingers and hoped for the best with Obama, instead saw the entrenched power, bureaucratic sprawl, and deep-seated corruption of government expand beyond reckoning - and the middle and lower classes thrown under the globalist bus.  These folks voted with their feet and walked away from the left.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - The Left's Last Spasm

Yet all attention on the right seems to be focused on a gang of undergrads in black hoodies and Guy Fawkes masks. How can we correlate the two - black-clad militants brash enough to threaten the government itself while their entire political/social superstructure collapses in ruins around them? On the face of it, it seems paradoxical. But there's actually no contradiction at all. The one follows the other as sure as Stalin followed Lenin. The left has turned violent because it's falling apart. They don't have anything else. No plans, no prospects, no leadership. The left has failed, and violence is all that remains.

Oct 18, 2017 - SCARY! Obamanation Legacy Shows Up At Left Coast Library

The drag queen, Xochi Mochi, posted the same photo to his Instagram account, boasting that his experience of reading to children while dressed as a demon was one of "the best experiences I've been given as a drag queen."

Health and Nutrition
Oct 18, 2017 - Phonegate : Welcome to La La Land

The question we publicly ask ANFR is simple:  « What are you trying to hide? »  This question is more legitimate when we discover the new list of 49 mobile phones "tested" by ANFR up to June 2017.  To say that ANFR is confounding information with communication is a euphemism.  Its strategy is all the more simple as the subject is complex.  The Agency wants to give the appearance of transparency.  It as not done so!  Welcome to la la land!

Health and Nutrition
Oct 18, 2017 - BOMBSHELL: Flu shots Scientifically Proven to Weaken Immune Response in Subsequent Years…

Image: BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years... researchers stunned

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Ukraine has a Nazi Problem and a Western Media Problem

These are the dual standards displayed by Western reporters on the Russia/Ukraine beat, and they make a mockery of supposed adherence to journalistic balance and fair play. Just this month, Moscow protests attended by around 700 people (a great many of them journalists working at the event) were given huge attention by the mainstream media, while Saturday's Kiev Nazi march was entirely ignored by the same outlets.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Trump’s Storm Tracker, Week 2:

If you took Watergate and pumped it up on steroids, it would only amount to a boil on the ass of the Colossus of Corruption that is the Clinton machine.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - Why Sell S-400s to the Other Side's Allies?

Like most Russian (and Soviet) systems it is the product of years of evolution, testing and learning. So, on paper, it is very formidable. And, since it has a number of customers, one has to assume that they are convinced that it is as good as it is advertised. In conclusion, therefore, it is likely that the systems sold to Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be protected against being used against the Russian Aerospace Forces and protected against prying eyes trying to get its secrets. But they are buying an air defence system effective against non-Russian targets.

Political Information
Oct 18, 2017 - The Great Transformation: A World Awakening

The change we want to see in our world is not something that can be legislated or imposed from without; it is not something we can achieve through protest. It is something that can only come from within each one of us choosing to bring a little more kindness into our way of being as we go about the business of living our lives. Quantum physics tells us how the observer affects that which it observes - this is the way as individuals we affect our collective reality. What if we started to observe through the eyes of Love? In the same way that the reward of patience is patience, the reward of kindness is finding oneself living in a kind world. Verily: whatsoever we embody and express creates the world in which we live.

True US History
Oct 18, 2017 - It's time to democratize our money

Telepathische Nachrichten (div.)
Oct 18, 2017 - Seraphin Botschaft 316: MENSCHEN UND REGELN FOLGEN

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Meet the ex-Bush staffer whose ‘Jewish sensibilities’ made him a leading opponent of Trump

TUT editor

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - The 3 Moments That Made Milo Yiannopoulos Famous

The 3 Moments That Made Milo Yiannopoulos Famous

This 10' 24" video was published by MagiCal HDon Oct 8, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64Y8VjbnKgg

Political Information

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Journalist Behind Panama Papers Leak, Blown Up In Her Car

Daphne Caruana Galizia will be remembered as a remarkable investigative journalist who risked her life to expose corruption among the elite. One of her most notable endeavors was bringing the massive revelations from the Panama Papers to light, which consisted of 11.5 million leaked documents that detailed financial information from more than 200,000 offshore accounts.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Should US Policy Against Iran be Taken Seriously?

The State Department and President Trump have been spitting out curses against Hezbollah and Iran - this could lead us to fear a break in the 5+1 agreement. But for Thierry Meyssan, while the worst may still happen, it is far more probable that, once again, Washington is staging a phony quarrel in order to better manipulate its Israëli and Saudi allies.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - The Creed of Sleaze has a Warm Spot in Hell

The consequences of apathy and denial result in a habitual phobia of avoiding any unpleasant subject or topic that might be viewed as socially unacceptable to the mass brainwashed public. While the news rags, the entertainment press and the social media run the most asinine and trumped up outrage over Hollywood surprise and shock about a celebrity scoundrel, but express dead quiescence when it comes to cleaning house among the beltway internationalists that foster a policy for world domination by the money changers; is outrageous. Allowing a bunch of hooligans that are in the business of smut purveyance to obliterate common decency is unforgivable. So too the genocidal lunatics that are in league with the demons of human destruction deserve their just condemnation into the Hell-Pit of abomination. These monsters are similar to Mephistopheles and have made their Faustian bargain with the devil.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - CIA Urges POTUS Trump to Delay Release of 3,000 never-before-seen Documents on Assassination of John F. Kennedy

"These files should have been released long ago," says Posner. "The government does this all the time, over classified documents and then holds on to them for decades under the guise of ‘national security.' All the secrecy just feeds people's suspicions that the government has something to hide and adds fuel to conspiracy theories." Posner is convinced the case will still be closed when the last document is made public.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Bitcoin Worse than Casino Gambling – Russian Economy Minister

"As for bitcoin, if you look at how the value of this asset fluctuates, it's dozens of percent up, then dozens of a percent down. An asset that can be available for an unqualified investor should not have such characteristics because it's worse than casinos. First, you earn, then you will lose everything and be left with nothing," Oreshkin said on Tuesday during the session of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia's Sochi.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Headmaster Apologizes for gender-neutral Toilets That Made Pupils ‘uncomfortable’

Earlier this year, the 1,400-pupil school - which was founded in 1565 - was criticized over plans to introduce a "gender neutral" school uniform, under which boys could be permitted to wear skirts.

Earlier this week, the prestigious Gordon's School in Woking, Surrey announced it would allow boys to sleep in a girls' dorm if they question their gender identity. It will also allow pupils to be known by gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘zie,' wear school uniforms of the opposite sex, and use gender-neutral toilets.

Health and Nutrition
Oct 17, 2017 - Medical Terrorists at Large!

Fear sells, says the biggest vaccine industry shill of our time - the infamous maker of the most toxic vaccine ever known to mankind,  Rotateq (which contains a deadly pig virus called circovirus) - Dr. Paul Offit. The only way to sell toxic vaccines to Americans who have been educated about the dangers of vaccines and the carcinogens they contain is to scare the living hell out of people using infectious disease propaganda, because science and reason are the vaccine industry's worst enemies. That's why over $3 billion has been paid out to vaccine-injured families from a hush fund the secretive vaccine court controls...

The VACCINE ANTIFA want to visit YOUR HOME with armed guards and attack you and your children with syringes full of neurotoxins

When you and your children get molested by the Vaccine Antifa in your home, it won't be on the nightly news or in the newspapers, because the orders will come from the very top of the vaccine violence food chain, and we all know pharma controls the mass media. If you resist, the Vaccine Antifa, working in conjunction with Child Protective Services, will drag you from the scene, kicking and screaming, while doing the "noble" work they were set out to do - and that is raise the rates of autism, auto-immune disorders and cancer while boosting profits for the vaccine industry. You think we're joking? These freaks want to "educate" you by having an outbreak and then use fear tactics so you will support legislation for mandatory and forced vaccination nationwide. - S.D Wells

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Does Individual Sovereignty Pre-empt Abusive Government?

Rejecting any authority over our lives pre-empts the idea that we can be arbitrarily controlled by this little ordinance or that little code. Those "little things" are what open the door to an unequal society. It is what allows governments to put in the fix for corporations and cronies.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Saakashvili Supporters Don their Maidan Apparel in Kiev

Disgraced former Georgian President and sacked former Ukrainian politician, Mikheil Saakashvili has organised his own Maidan rally in hopes of toppling the regime he once worked for.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Iran’s Growing Power the Driving Force Behind New American Hostility

What's more, Iran - the earth's fourth largest oil producer - have never been forgiven for removing themselves from American control 38 years ago. Much as a gang underling must be taught lessons for betraying the Mafia don, Iran have been mercilessly punished. Those living in Cuba can back up Iran's claims with their own half century of evidence. Even American intelligence recognises Iran's strategic doctrines are defensive, and that they pose no major military threat. Last year the US arms budget was 50 times greater than Iran's. Yet in Western circles, Iran are often viewed as the "gravest threat to peace", despite no record of having outright invaded another country.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Trump Admin Makes Protecting Citizens “from conception to natural death” Top Priority

Lila Rose of Live Action commented that the change to the HHS mandate "might be five little words, but its meaning is deep."

"It signifies that at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services knows and accepts the truth that life begins at conception (fertilization)... The changes are welcome moves for those who advocate for the protection of preborn humans in a country where preborn eagles currently have more rights... It's a step in the right direction, acknowledging that life exists inside the womb," she said.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions

And guess who ran the FBI's investigation into this particular Russian plot?  As The Hill notes, the Mikerin probe began in 2009 under Robert Mueller, now the special counsel in charge of the Trump case, and ended in late 2015 under the controversial, former FBI Director James Comeywho was relieved of his duties by President Trump.

Ironically, when the DOJ finally arrested Mikerin in 2014, following 5 years of investigations in a massive international bribery and money-laundering scheme, rather than publicly celebrate, they seemingly swept it under the rug.  In fact, there was no public release concerning the case at all until a full year later when the DOJ announced a plea deal with Mikerin right before labor day.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - The United States of Weinstein: Complicity, Greed and Corruption Is the Status Quo

The dirty secret of America's status quo is that power and wealth are both extremely concentrated, which means there are gatekeepers who must be bribed, sated or serviced if you want to claw your way up the wealth-power pyramid. Mr. Weinstein's alleged conduct and payoffs of those he exploited is par for the course in the corridors of power in the USA.

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - HARVEYGEDDON: 2nd Hurricane Harvey of 2017 Hits Hollywood Horribly Hard

There's a MUCH bigger story here than just Harvey and his sex crime spree.  There's a much bigger story than Harv and his hardened network of Hollywood sexual abusers and deviants.  There's even a much more serious saga than the notorious history of Hollywood's patriarchal casting couch that demanded sexual favors and lustful indulgences in return for big parts and frequent access. That story, of course, is Pedogate.  PEDOGATE is actually "A Global Crime Syndicate Much Bigger Than Pizzagate".  Where the American origins of Pedogate are found in the Hollywood celebrity culture, the U.S. political franchise is located in Washington, D.C. and is recently known as Pizzagate.  This is where things are about to get very, VERY dicey.That's because whenever you have characters like Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Bill Clinton in the very same room; there's a play being made for you know what.  Which means that Pizzagate is about ready to go prime time-AGAIN!

Political Information
Oct 17, 2017 - Lock Down on Prison Planet Almost Complete

In this Citizens Intelligence Report we want to alert you to the grave dangers of the weaponization of the internet and social media. A new technological revolution is taking place that will affect all of us. They make it sound so cool and fun - the Internet of Things-but it is nothing more than a self-imposed prison that will eventually control you 24/7 once you connect into the network. The more you participate in the automatic information fed directly to your devices that are personalizing your news, entertainment, business, and "life-patterns", the more you will think you are free and fully informed. Actually, you will become more and more limited by what your pattern-of-life generates as your individualized algorithms. A mechanical virtual world will be created around you that becomes your personalized digital prison that, at first, may seem like digital heaven, but later rear its ugly head of control and enslavement. By then, it will be too late for any of us to break free.

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